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Realized 100% application rate for Japanese people
"FURUHATA" to detect factors of cerebral infarction from the carotid arteryHASHIMOTO ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY


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"Ultrasonic carotid artery blood flow monitor HDK-BM001 FURUHATA" which made it possible to measure 100% emboli in Japanese people


  • Measuring method that takes into consideration the physical characteristics of Japanese people
  • Various ways found through the development
  • To preach the superiority is a steady marketing activity

By changing the measurement site, it can quickly and easily discover a sign of cerebral infarction

According to "Summary of demographic statistics" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of deaths caused by cerebral infarction reached 60,453 people in FY2015. This is the fourth leading cause of death.

Obesity such as thrombus is often cited as a cause of cerebral infarction and head measurement method using the obturator detection device "Transcranial Doppler" has been used as a means of early detection.

Although it is a method which became mainstream in Europe and the United States, the development of equipment that can solve the problem such as it is actually the Asian race including the Japanese is difficult to measure the blood flow of the head because the skull is thick compared with the Westerners, and it requires skillful skills for the measurement was an urgent task.

Hashimoto Electronic Industry Co., Ltd is engaged in the development of electronically applied control devices/devices, software/systems, etc., and is good at the application of technology combining this know-how. In the "Problem-solving medical equipment development project" which is a medical in a medical equipment development project aimed at solving the problems of medical staff carried out by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, we developed "Ultrasonic carotid artery blood flow monitor HDK - BM 001 FURUFATA" which 100% of emboli can be detected even in Japanese people by measuring in collaboration with Tokyo Jikei University School of Medicine.

Application discovery other than screening use

"FURUHATA" was initially a medical device developed for early detection and prevention of obturator, which is a cause of cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction, but it was also found that it could be used for new applications after development.

That is emboli monitoring during cardiovascular surgery. The incidence of postoperative cerebral infarction had developed at a rate of about from 2.2% to 5.2% in the past. Approximately 60,000 people in Japan currently conduct heart and vascular surgery; so about 1,000 to 3,000 people will be at risk of cerebral infarction after the operation.

By intraoperative monitoring with "FURUHATA," it is possible to crush the bud of the dangerous possibility even a little. At Sakakibara Memorial Hospital in Tokyo, "FURUHATA" has already been adopted for the same purpose.

Another use is for observation after the onset of cerebral infarction. It is possible to grasp the effect more efficiently in the patient who performs the medication treatment than before.

Actively action to increase reliability

In developing "FURUHATA," the chief professor at Tokyo Jikei University School of Medicine was a team leader, but the fact that the team passed away half a year after the team's inauguration was the significant challenge in the development team. The university and we had little time because of their relationship with each other since they formed a group, so there was little sharing of the vision such as the direction of the entire business and the selling place after completion.

Even under such circumstances, Mr. Masatoshi Hashimoto, CEO of the company, took over intention to shape the needs of the medical field and completed "FURUHATA" after three years.

To prevail the superiority of application rate to Japanese patients, while continuing sales activities to doctors and related parts, we are offering it as a research use to L'Aquila University in Italy as a foothold for overseas development. Of course, it is necessary to clear all problems of the standard in overseas deployment, but the superiority of the neck measurement is highly evaluated even overseas, already many requests such as measurement of 2 channels and measures in other parts have been raised.

"FURUHATA" made it possible to measure 100% in the neck, not the method of head measurement that was said to be unsuitable for Japanese to detect the cause of cerebral infarction. Based on the ease of analysis, it is expected that its activities will be useful not only in private hospitals but also overseas sites that were dissatisfied with conventional measurement methods.

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We consistently carry out the process of control measurement and medical instrument design (mechanical, hardware, software), prototype, evaluation, mass production. We receive it from a small lot so please do not hesitate to consult us when you are in trouble with making things.

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