The most inexpensive in the industry! Bringing to you even more efficiency and added value. Fastener claws that take 10 seconds to switch out, and guarantee swing accuracy to 10 microns.Synthe Tech Inc.


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‘Quick Claws ®’ switch out claws efficiently and protect against manufacturing defects

Points to be noted

  • Throw preconceived notions away, change the point of view and solve customer’s problems
  • Simple manufacturing creates lower prices

Time, funds, and manpower are all limited. How is one to increase added value under these restrictions? CEO Sadaaki Ishikawa of SyntheTech explains that the answer lies in eliminating problems in manufacturing.

The Quick Claw ® is every customer’s dream come true, being manufactured due to the inefficiencies of lathe fastener claws and the necessity of their improvement.

Just like the name says, the Quick Claw ® can be applied in 10 seconds, and taken off in another 10, resulting in a reduction of time loss. The simple reason this is possible is due to the intersecting serration on the fastener having both up and down and left to right patterns. The 60 degree taper of the serration makes it so the more you close the fastener, the less space is left between them until there’s no space left at all. This allows anyone without exchange experience or technique to easily and accurately reproduce positions. There’s no need for powerful closing techniques using hammers or pipes, either. This results in the streamlining of arrangement time and reduction of fastener claw placement adjustments and stress from replacing them.

Additionally, because the claw is flat on top, scraps do not collect on it so there’s no need to clean it out. This feature allows customers to initiate continuous, automated processing without having to worry about problems.

Fasteners, up until now, required paying much attention to the positioning of counterbores during claw manufacturing, but with Quick Claw ®, scraps do not collect in these crevices and thanks to the freedom of fastening placement, reducing preparation time and allowing more time for manufacturing is possible.

All that’s needed is to insert it into the T fastener grooves from the outside edge and spin the clamp bolt, so anyone can easily attach the claws. Original methods of attachment called for pounding in the claw with a hammer or using a pipe to force it on due to the fear of the claw coming loose. This was not only a troublesome method, but dangerous as well. Quick Claw ® is clamped in place with about 4.6 tons of force, making it secure and safe.

APS 6 inch fastener and Quick Claw ®.
The ‘Efficient Fastener’ reduces cleaning time and streamlines production. It certainly lives up to its name

The ‘Efficient Fastener’ is a Quick Claw ® with an APS fastener on it.
The APS fastener has always been made from experienced manufacturing, is solid nearly all the way through, and is a solid (pure) product. Its extremely high reproducibility makes remolding the claw irrelevant because you can just reuse the original. It is very desirable to be able to use a claw that reduces such waste. The Master Jaw that maintains the claw is uniquely constructed of two layers, and reduces the cutting power and impact power to 1/4 of its original. It is especially apparent during manufacturing and collision.
The Quick Claw ® and APS fastener are both constructed by simple methods, resulting in low costs. The patent for both is already secured, so you can be sure of their reliability.

General lathe work involves fastening the material’s outside diameter with the claw during the first phase of manufacturing, constructing the outside diameter, end-face, and inside diameter. During phase two, the coaxial angle must be maintained, so the claw used in this process is made to reduce swaying and displacement.

Because this process is so wasteful, yet no one ever questioned it and did it for so long, people said it was an unprofitable and inefficient manufacturing process.
The APS fastener and its high reproducibility eliminate the need to remold switched out claws, and the simplicity it has brought to switching them out has made for an epoch-making streamlining of the process that nearly anyone can do.

With the optional fastener scrap cover, you can expect to improve the elimination of scrap waste often missed without it. It more than makes up for all the wasted time used to air blow the scrap out after each and every use.

‘Not stopping manufacturing is one step towards the solution’ Mr. Ishikawa said of the ‘N-Taps Manufacturing’.
(See SynthTech’s website under Feb., 2018 Tool Engineer Logs for details.)
This new manufacturing method gets rid of cleaning and processing time, as well as eliminates lack of personnel problems. The Efficient Fastener and Scrap Cover increase efficiency and added value to manufacturing. N-Taps Manufacturing brings the idea of non-stop manufacturing to the table.

In order to continue the growth of any business, manufacturing processes should aim to reduce preparation time and expand manufacturing time. Especially in the variety manufacturing field, where prep time is 80% and manufacturing is 20%, N-Taps Manufacturing can make a huge difference in efficiency and added value.

Currently, the company is in process for requesting international patents in Europe and Asia, with their sights set on expanding into those markets. They are also considering making automatic claw exchangers (cleaning included) that will allow around the clock manufacturing for variety manufacturers (which in the end are composed of small, individual lot manufacturing.) Success in this endeavor will result in a splendid achievement for the whole industry.

【Video】Equipping the APS Fastener to the Quick Claw ®

Interview Date: July 27, 2018


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We offer solutions and products to solve the problems facing production floors from field perspectives. In high-mix, low-volume production, it is particularly important to reduce arrangement time which accounts for 80% of the total production time comparing to 20% processing time. We emphasize ”arrangement without suspending production” to support high-efficiency production of costly NC and composite lathes.

company information

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