"OXYCO2" of poviding stable observation environment for cell culture.TAIEI Engineering Co.,Ltd


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As well as generating 5% CO2 atmosphere using a liquid CO2 cylinder, cell culture atmosphere generator "OXYCO2" capable of producing a low oxygen atmosphere required for fertilized ovum cultivation without a nitrogen cylinder.

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Generally, to supply the culture atmosphere for culturing fertilized ovum, use a mixed gas cylinder with 5% O2 and 5% CO2 added to nitrogen and a device mixing air and CO2 to 100% nitrogen in the cylinder. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase mixed gas cylinders at about a few ten thousand yen each time, which is costly.

In addition, in order to observe the state of cell culture in a conventional atmosphere generating apparatus, it is necessary to take out a culture from a box type apparatus called an incubator and observe it with a microscope, and it was difficult to see the culturing process in the apparatus.

It is Taiei Engineering Company who developed "OXYCO2 (Okishiko-tsu)" in order to solve this problem.By using a compressor and a hollow fiber filter, this product produces a low oxygen atmosphere only by power supply and adds CO2 to generate and supply a fertilized ovum culture atmosphere. Since nitrogen cylinders are also unnecessary, significant cuts in culture costs can be realized. Because we can continue to observe a series of cell culture processes that were not able to observe so far, there are also many universities and research institutes which install our company's products.

A cell culture atmosphere generator device capable of continuing to observe a series of cell culture processes without removing the culture from the device; that is OXYCO 2" + temperature control unit "Onpu-4".
  • In addition, our company also developed products that added new functions such as temperature control device, CO2 stabilizing function, 5% O2 stabilizing function, etc. in response to customers' “desire to realize a more stable culture / observation environment”. As stable observation environment spreads, practical application of new discovery would accelerate. Furthermore, we could expect that the development area will expanded by combining with companies who have different perspectives and technologies.

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We are an engineering company focused on thermal/nuclear power plants, industrial machines, small power supply units, etc. Our main client is a large-scale plant manufacturer in Ibaraki prefecture. We focus on developing our own products with the cooperation of AIST and NIBIO.

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