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Significant Energy Saving with a Coating of Just 10 μm Focus on Development of Low Emissivity Thermal Barrier PaintChugai Shoko Co.,Ltd


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10 μm coating of “Thermo-resin SV” on the surface is sufficient for energy saving effect


  • To question the “Obvious” of the industry
  • To go all out and convey the technical superiority to the market

Recipient of Energy Conservation Grand Award for paint, a first for paints

It is said that the number of industrial furnaces in Japan is about 40,000, accounting for about 18% of Japan's energy consumption (Energy Conservation Center's data).
In 2014, low-emissivity thermal-barrier paint “Thermo-resin SV600/SV300” of Chugai Shoko Co., Ltd. was awarded the energy conservation grand prize (Award of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency's Director) which was the first for paints. This paint contributes to significant energy savings with just a coat of thickness 10 μm (Micrometer 1 μm = 1/1,000 mm) on external walls of industrial furnaces.
Paint has a lower emissivity compared to previous thermal insulation paints reducing unnecessary heat radiation to the surroundings, and this reduces the fuel consumed. It tremendously contributes to improving work environment as a measure to prevent heat stroke accidents among workers.

Focus on radiant heat overlooked by other companies

* Emission and radiation are used with the same meaning below.

“We started working on developing this technology 15 to 16 years ago. The research started when environmental measures became a slogan in our company. We wanted to offer safer products that contribute to energy efficiency and environmental measures while maintaining the same performance”, says Mr. Nobuhiko Wakano, Director of Ceramics Sensor Division, who has been promoting technology development in this field.

Heat travels from high temperature to low temperature, and there are three modes of heat transfer. Conduction in which heat is transferred through matter, convection in which fluids carry heat, and radiation which transfers heat through electromagnetic waves. Radiation was the focus of our company for development. The warmth we feel from sunshine, stove, or fire is because of the heat transmitted to our bodies by radiation. Radiant heat can be expected to escape into the surroundings in large quantities from outer furnace walls which are at high temperatures.

Mr. Wakano says, “Previously, to reduce heat radiated from industrial furnaces, they used to be covered with a heat insulating material, or a thick coat of insulating paint was applied on the surface of the heat insulating material. We focused on the fact that the temperature of the outer furnace wall is still high, and a large amount of radiant heat is lost from the surface. To reduce this loss, we started developing low-emissivity thermal-barrier paint to suppress heat radiated”.
Just by applying a thin coat of “Thermo-resin SV600/SV300” on the outer wall surface of industrial furnaces, radiant heat from a furnace can be reduced by up to 80%.


Excellent cost effectiveness and less time required for application!

The objective of thermo-resin is to reduce radiant heat, and a coating of 10 μm thickness is enough to achieve this. Only 100 g/m2 of paint is necessary as only an ultra-thin coating is required which keeps the cost low. We have received favorable reviews such as amortization of initial cost took less than one year and using the technology has reduced fuel costs by 4 to 5% per year from major steelmakers who have adopted our company’s technology.

Short duration required for application is also a significant appeal. Since only a single coat of thermo-resin is required, the paint can be applied in about one day. Experienced workers are not necessary to apply the paint and can be done without stopping the furnace completely. Therefore, workability of thermo-resin is much better than previous insulation paints that require application of multiple coats which is possible only during periodic maintenance of the industrial furnace.

Increase in business opportunities by repeatedly conveying the technology

Yuji Ipponsugi of the Energy Conservation and Environmental Measures team explains with the demo equipment that is used to experience the comparison of radiant heat.
“When we succeeded in developing the thermo-resin, there was almost no awareness about radiant heat among companies. We repeatedly explained the advantages of our technology using a demo equipment to convey the technical points.”
Many factories including major manufacturing companies are now using this product, electric power companies have started selling our company’s paint as distributors.

Use of low-emissivity thermal-barrier paint in industrial furnaces has recently started. If all industrial furnaces of Japan start using this paint, there will be tremendous saving of energy. We want to pay attention to future market trends.

Interview Date: June 12, 2018


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