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Build partnerships with domestic and foreign companies through the exhibition, and expand into different sectorsCRYSTAL PROCESS Co.,Ltd


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Mr. Yuta Kuzuma, Crystal Process Sales Director

"We want to utilize our proprietary technology to expand into other business sectors." To that end, it is effective to find out the needs of companies in other industries and to partner with reliable partners in different sectors. So what are some ways to find those partners? We interviewed Crystal Process, which conducts research and development on surface treatment technologies such as coatings and abrasives, and has been collaborating with various domestic and foreign companies in the wake of running a booth at the New Value Creation Exhibition.

Running a booth for 10 consecutive years due to the benefit of expanding into different areas

Crystal Process mainly provides products for the automotive industry such as coatings and abrasives, developed using various surface coating technologies. The company first ran a booth at the New Value Creation Exhibition in 2010, when its official name was the "Small and Medium Enterprise Fair." Since then the company has continuously run a booth all the way up to FY2019.

"With the automotive industry in motion, we wanted to expand into other business sectors, which prompted us to run a booth. Unlike ordinary exhibitions that focus on a specific industry, people from various sectors participate in the New Value Creation Exhibition. So I thought we could find out how to use existing products and develop new products."

That's what Yuta Kuzuma, the company's sales director, told us about the purpose of running a booth. In order to get more opportunities for encounters, the company also got creative with how it runs its booth.

"At an automotive exhibition, visitors will come to the booth after seeing the company name, but the New Value Creation Exhibition with its many visitors from different sectors doesn't work like that. Therefore, in order to attract visitors, our booth is focused on displaying real items treated with the exhibited product and providing demonstrations that show how to use the product.''

As a result, the company was able to encounter many companies and increase its name recognition. Together with a jewelry maker encountered at the exhibition, the company is conducting joint research to prevent metal allergies using the company's coating agent. Similarly, together with a Korean house maker encountered at the exhibition, the company is developing kitchen coating products using artificial marble.

Pioneering method enables easy plating anywhere

At the New Value Creation Exhibition 2019 held in November, the company displayed a coating system that uses the newly developed "Polisher Plating System" to make the part to be plated into mirror plate coating. Applying it with a hand polisher apparently has the effect of making the material as shiny as a mirror.

"This unparalleled product performs plating using an inorganic plating paint and a special polisher (polishing machine). We call this system the "Polisher Plating System." Conventional plating methods such as electrodeposition plating and vacuum deposition plating require an initial investment in equipment, but this method allows plating anywhere. In addition, there is no need for toxic chemicals such as hexavalent chromium, as in electrodeposition plating. You don't have to remove the parts you want to plate."

The body of a car plated with the "Polisher Plating System" shines like a mirror

In order to methodically reflect light, the aluminum used as the plating component of the product must be spread out evenly. All employees worked together on its development, trying out countless combinations to find the proper proportion of coating liquid. The company also studied the material and shape of the "buff," which is the "polishing" part of the polisher.

The thus developed patent-pending "Polisher Plating System" will likely be introduced in a wide range of sectors, including automobiles and various other manufacturing industries, as well as the housing sector, due to its effectiveness and simplicity.

Making use of what sets it apart from ordinary exhibitions

What stands out about the New Value Creation Exhibition, where the company has been running a booth for 10 years?

"By listening to stories of people from various industries who participate in or visit the New Value Creation Exhibition, we can track and learn about the needs of industries. One advantage is that we get hints on how to expand existing products into different business sectors and develop new products.''

Of course, you may be asked more direct questions such as "Can you develop this kind of product?" or "Can your product be used for this kind of application?" It has also led to increased recognition, product sales, and expansion into other business sectors.

Mr. Kuzuma pointed out that exhibitors can exchange frank opinions with each other, which leads to these diverse benefits.

"There is always a high barrier to contacting an unknown company out of the blue and talking about doing research and development together." However, if you meet at a New Value Creation Exhibition, the initial contact is smooth and likely to lead to an actual project. I hope that new encounters here will again lead to the creation of new value.''


Coverage date October 17, 2019

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Subject of interview = Yuta Kuzuma, Sales Director

The company was established in 1994. Through research on high-performance surface coating agents that make use of the latest techniques in inorganic synthetic chemistry and organic synthetic chemistry, we develop, manufacture, and sell coating agents and abrasive products related to surface treatment technologies, such as maintenance-reducing inorganic paints and transparent color coating materials for window glass.

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