The "Streamline" workflow system achieves paperless at low costMitori Corp


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Digitalize while maintaining the existing form layout

Product name = Cloud-based workflow system "Streamline"

Speed up application / approval / decision and prevent omissions

Streamline is a cloud-based workflow system that makes the internal application, approval, and decision processes of companies paperless. Various forms such as applications, reports, and approval documents are digitized and approved by authorized users. Moreover, since the existing document layout can be imported as is, it is easy to avoid the stress associated with new systems. A major part of its appeal is having the same browsability as paper, and the fact that even employees with low IT literacy can use it without hesitation.

Every day, it takes a lot of time to circulate the various documents within an organization, which entails problems such as omissions and loss of documents. However, if the transition to paperless is achieved, these documents can be efficiently passed around through the system, and the flow from application to approval and decision, in other words the decision-making of the organization, is accelerated.

In addition, the product is a cloud-based service, so it is immediately available with an Internet connection. One of its major advantages is not requiring a large initial investment from purchasing new servers and software.

Accurate, safe, and easy to use

The distributor Mitori has a wealth of experience developing backbone systems that require accuracy and safety. In 2010, the company distributed business groupware services for major foreign companies, and in order to meet customer needs for workflow services with ringi (circulated request for approval) functionality, a unique Japanese business practice, it developed this original product in 2010.

The company has tried to reproduce paper form layouts, taking into account ease-of-use in the office. An existing form can be set as the background image of the system screen. Input fields can also be created by drag and drop without coding text boxes, pull-down menus, checkboxes, etc.

The result is a system that combines the reliability of an accurate system that never stops based on the company's development track record as well as natural ease-of-use. It has been implemented in many companies and organizations.

Free trial environment for 30 days prior to contract

The product is already used by more than 1200 companies and organizations such as real estate, construction, and retailers in and outside of Japan. There are especially large advantages in industries where there are multiple sites and it costs time and money to send and transfer documents between them. Its use in hospitals, nursing facilities, and nursing homes is anticipated to increase.

When implementing the product, the company provides a trial environment for 30 days free of charge. It supports the creation of a company-specific environment, using actual workflows to verify operation. Users can rest assured since its effectiveness is confirmed before signing the contract. The company plans to add functions and develop new services to further improve customer satisfaction.

For industries where no progress is being made on the transition to paperless forms, this product will be a powerful tool for encouraging business process re-engineering and productivity improvements.

Coverage date October 8, 2019


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Mitori Corp

The company was established in 1960. Provides support for development and implementation of business applications, development and provision of cloud applications (SaaS), support for sale and implementation of various cloud services, and comprehensive services. Utilizes experience in the manufacturing and processing industry as well as expertise with production management systems to support customers' business process re-engineering and systematization.

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