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Proactive development into unexplored areas is achieved with the corporate philosophy as the background. The example can be said a product-group developed by Cheiron Japan Co., Ltd.CHEIRON JAPAN Co.


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  • Work on product development while inheriting the founder's philosophy.
  • Positivism generates trust toward the product.
  • The world's first product development strength.

"Urination Control device" that can be controlled by its own intention.

Most of urinary incontinence patients take ureter leakage measures with paper diapers. However, the company's urination control device can control urination by the patient's own abdominal pressure, so that patients do not need to make disposable diapers. A very small device can be easily worn by the urologists. The treatment of placing it is completed in a short time and does not cause any pain or incongruity during that. Safety tests have also been carried out using highly antimicrobial materials.Also keep an eye on caring after wearing treatment by exchanging every month.
The company chose to develop this product because after knowing that there are many cases that patients are forced to live on disposable diapers after prostate cancer surgery. With the concept of that "it is strange if incontinence makes people's dignity depriving”, and then started commercialization, we have obtained patents not only in Japan but also in the United States and Europe. We are also applying for patents in China, India and Korea now.

In Japan where the aging society advances, improvement of the quality of life (QOL) of elders will become a big problem. In response to these problems, the company's urination control device dramatically improves QOL not only for urinary incontinence patients but also for the elderly people.Furthermore, it becomes a breakthrough product that protects the dignity of patients in a wide range of areas such as overactive bladder (OAB), which is considered to be common among elderly women, and wheelchair athletes who use urination guide and urinary catheter during the game.

Improvement of intestinal environment. "Cheirox" makes QOL improve.

Microbial probiotics are said to improve the balance of intestinal flora and to have a good effect on the body. The company has developed a state-of-the-art technology based on this probiotic and is a living-improvement food "Cheirox”.

The product was developed to properly and conveniently supplement the nutritional ingredients necessary to maintain renal function normally. It has already been utilized for chronic renal failure in medical institutions nationwide for more than 10 years. Water soluble / insoluble indigestible dietary fiber contained in large amount in "Cheirox", sporadic lactobacillus reaching the intestine, oligosaccharide and other active ingredients powerfully improves the intestinal environment, and it can be expected to excrete waste products, which become impossible to excrete from urine due to declining kidney function, out of the body as feces. Furthermore, it adds the functions of plenty of amino acids, vitamins and minerals to improve patient's nutritional balance and improve quality of life.

The evaluation to the product from nutritionists, including kidney physicians nationwide, is also high, and international patents are also obtained in China, Korea and India. We also apply for international patents in the other five countries. Because there are few medicines effective for kidney disease in the world, a high needs is seen as the product of being one of a kind.

"Cheirox" is not a medicinal product but belongs to the food category, but there are also abundant evidence that proved safety and significance. We have been conducting joint research with university hospitals and municipal hospitals many times and have published the research results at the Japan Society of Nephrology, the Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy, the Japanese Urological Association, the Urology Association, the Japan Society of Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition, and other academic meetings and general meetings. It has demonstrated its effectiveness and safety.

Now, the importance of intestinal bacterial activation has attracted attention. "Cheirox" is a product that contributes to the improvement of QOL of all generations interested in maintaining health, such as suffering from blood glucose level care, severe constipation,n and diarrhea as well as patients who have problems with renal function.

A health supplement "Cheirox" containing nutrients that are considered useful for patients with chronic renal failure.

"Our company was established by a founder who was a medical doctor in order to commercialize ideas.We are seeking a sales company who will be our partner in order to contribute to the society widely.
" By Ms. Fumi Araki, in charge of customer support.

What we can say in common about the company 's products is that they are useful for the society. Especially, the urination control device is possible to be arranged in various sizes and would fit to a wide range of people. Having completed alliances with the producers, we are able to meet to any needs from small to large quantity.

Also, the method of utilization would expand infinitely depending on the partner. For example, by attaching a sensor to the urination control device, we would able to develop an IoT link type notifying of urination time. We may also spread the company's product as an agent, or jointly cooperate to develop the innovative products. We would like those, who want to contribute to the improvement of QOL towards the aging society, to take a consideration of collaborating with our company.

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Our company possesses world-class, innovative and significant medicines, medical apparatuses and materials for food for patients that are researched and developed by an M.D. The president's major achievements: discovery of E. coli lysine biosynthetic (Recipient of the Paul-Lewis Award in the US); Japan Society of Nutrition and Food Science Society Award; development of antibiotic (cephalosporin type); development of the world's first disease dependant oral nutrient \Medif\. Former executive director of Ajinomoto Co., Ltd.

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