Exhibits Deodorization, Antibacterial, Hydrophilic, and Stain Resistance Effect with Light when Used Indoors. “Avancoat”, a Photocatalyst that is Unique Across the Globe.Avanti Co. Ltd


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Avancoat applied on the surface of car panels for stain resistance

Points to be noted

  • Took over businesses of other companies, and inherited the product development technology
  • Promotion of new product development based on the development technology of “Avancoat”

AVANTI Co., Ltd. (Osaka-shi, Osaka) is engaged in developing and manufacturing a wide range of products such as molded plastics, metal products, lightweight ducts, heat insulation materials, sound absorbing materials, sponge, rubber, and proposals for repair with the main focus on railway vehicle components. In 2017, the company entered the manufacturing and development business of photocatalysts, deodorizers, antistatic agents, anti-mold agents, rust inhibitors, and rust removers by taking over the business of another company. The goal was to come up with new types of complex proposals as a development manufacturer by adding the manufacturing and development of these product groups to a new business.

The company is focused on “Avancoat” among the new business that has been created. Avancoat, is a photocatalyst coating that is unique across the globe, which is prepared by mixing apatite coated titanium oxide and titanium hydroxide that reacts with indoor visible rays. The novelty of “Avancoat” is that it can exhibit various effects such as deodorization, antibacterial, hydrophilic, and stain resistance with indoor light such as fluorescent or LED light. This advantage of Avancoat is an important point for development of general-purpose products compared to previous products which exhibit this effect under strong sunlight such as ultraviolet rays. Avancoat can retain its effect for approximately 1 year.

Mechanism of Avancoat

“Avancoat” can be applied by spraying after atomizing the solution using a sprayer. It can be used for any building or areas that can be sprayed and is being used for a wide range of applications.
“Avancoat” is used for a variety of applications such those given below.
●Inside railway cars (Antibacterial and deodorization measures)
●Residential housing (Sick house and anti-allergy measures)
●Hospitals (Infection prevention, antibacterial and antiviral measures)
●Schools, kindergartens, and nursery schools (Influenza prevention, and antibacterial measures)
●Toilet (Ammonia deodorization and antibacterial measures)
●Sprayed on the exteriors and interiors of vehicles
●Indoor spraying (Influenza prevention, antibacterial, and deodorization measures)

Avancoat applied on building exteriors as a measure for stain resistance
Spraying for vehicle interior
Spraying indoors

The 3 main industries using Avancoat at present are railroad, construction, and automobiles. They have also started developing new products. Avan Clean Coat is under development utilizing the technology of “Avancoat”.
They received feedback from customers that stain resistance of Avancoat was not sufficient for automobile plastic parts (visor), which is an organic substance insoluble in water. Avan Clean Coat was developed by pursuing the new function of enhanced adhesiveness while improving the hydrophilic function along with stain resistance. This product is coated on plastics and metals instead of spraying like the current product “Avancoat”. It decomposes fine particles and organic matter and removes the dirt along with water without allowing the dirt to accumulate, and fully exhibits its effect when applied to outdoor walls.

Mr. Kazuyuki Kishii from the sales department of the company said, “Our current customers are from the railways, construction, and automobile industries, and if customers from other fields have requirements such as ‘We want to use the product for this application’, we will meet such requirements. We want ‘Avancoat’ and ‘Avan Clean Coat’ to be widely used in various industries and applications”.

He also said, “We want the information on the advantages of ‘Avancoat’ and ‘Avan Clean Coat’ to spread across the globe. For this, it is important how the publicity is managed”, and they are exploring future development. They are planning to gradually increase the publicity for the product by exhibiting at various exhibitions including new value creation exhibitions.
The company’s future challenge is how to advertise and popularize "Avantcoat" and "Avant Clean Coat" across the globe, and to further develop both products.

Interview Date: November 10, 2018


company information

We develop, manufacture and assemble a wide range of products with resin molded products, metal processed products, lightweight ducts, heat insulating materials, sound absorbing materials, sponges, rubber, repair proposals that were cultivated while working with railway vehicle parts, from last year, we are aiming for compound type proposal as a development manufacturer taking over photocatalysts, deodorants, antistatic agents, antifungal agents, corrosion inhibitors, and rust preventive agents.

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