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Make exchanging information with exhibit companies exciting. Meeting with real customers at the New Value Creation ExhibitionYASHIMA DENGYO Co.,Ltd



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Not only is it important to have good communication with attendees, but also the other companies at the exhibition

Yashima Dengyo Co., Ltd. got its start in 1960 and progressed from control equipment to FA systems. Currently their core business is battery technology, focusing mainly on lithium batteries. Being involved in everything from batteries for fishing equipment like electric reels and fish finders, chargers, and LED, to designing and selling exclusive batteries for pesticide dispersing drones, they have developed their business model to create a sustainable environment for themselves. They have about 50% of the domestic market share for manufacturing and sales of these pesticide drone batteries.

Already meeting the needs of various fields including manufacturing, agriculture, and even medical industries, they are looking to expand overseas into China. They first joined the New Value Creation Exhibition just last year in 2017, but they are already being approached by companies from China and Hong Kong and are currently working on expanding into that market.
Let’s hear what their CEO,Kenjiro Hashizume has to say.

Developing their core battery business into various fields.
Pictured Left: The Pesticide Drone battery strengthened with a cover and battery damper
Pictured Right: Fishing battery used for electric reels and fish finders

Why did you decide to join the New Value Creation Exhibition?
The company that does designs told us about it. We go to at least one exhibition each month, but compared to other exhibitions in Tokyo, the New Value Creation Exhibition allows us to join at a much lower cost, making it easier for us. We also heard that not many browsers come to the New Value Creation Exhibition and that mostly real, pleasant customers and professional companies come.

What kind of benefits have you seen from joining the exhibition?
Of course getting to speak with guests that come to our booth is one, but we also had the chance to speak directly with other participating companies during setup, allowing us to see the immense quality of other participating companies. It was a wonderful experience due to the range of fields companies come from at New Value Creation Exhibition. Sharing information with so many different companies was very stimulating.

What did you work out during the exhibition?
We decided to make a big poster that represented our broad range of involvement in different fields. Last year we put up a big picture of a drone. That drew in many customers interested in drones. We have panels for each field we work in this time, so if a customer is interested in, say, regenerative medicine, we have a panel they can line right up at. We’re trying to be flexible to meet customer’s needs instead of having a single, stable booth. I don’t think we’re the only company doing things like this, either.

This is the picture of the pesticide drone they used as an eye catcher at last year’s New Value Creation Exhibition.

Are there any other exhibition methods you are very particular about?
We always hand out some small novelty gifts for those customers we exchange business cards with. Last year we handed out original watches with our batteries in them. Then, as a thank you at the very end of the day, we send postcards to those customers. We try to avoid using email so we can really show our thanks in the postcards we hand write for them.

Are there any cases you can remember from last year's exhibition that led to more business for you?
A company from Shanghai running a hospital was very interested in a case we were working on in the regenerative medicine field. In order to give patients suffering from heart diseases an artificial heart, there is a need for a cellular sheet that stimulates cellularization. The sheet is the same as the real thing, so in order to keep it at its very delicate temperature range, you have to use a ‘Cellular Sheet Transport Box’. Our company is developing and manufacturing that. We introduced a professor at Osaka University to them as a consultant to help them spread artificial heart technology to China. With artificial heart and regenerative medicine needs climbing, if they get a hold on the market they will need our ‘Cellular Sheet Transport Box’ so right now we are examining the market and making a base to start sales at some point.

What kind of developments can we expect from you in the future?
The earth is currently being battered by all sorts of irregular weather patterns. We are thinking businesses that can deal with problems like that will be growing soon. We are thinking that we can use our pesticide drones for other disaster relief cases, such as the torrential rain disaster of western Japan that happened this year (July, 2018). I feel like it is our duty to inform the world of the true usefulness of drones.

Yashima Dengyo Co., Ltd. truly is involved in a wide variety of fields. Even though they focus on battery technology, they will respond to any business that puts in an order. The way CEO, Mr. Hashizume, spoke about it revealed their sincerity and flexibility toward product manufacturing. He even came straight to the interview after coming home to Narita from Hong Kong. It seems like the foot work of the CEO himself and their acute ability to read the times is a significant guide to their product manufacturing.

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We manufacture and sell lithium-ion batteries, as well as long-life iron phosphate lithium-ion batteries for industrial use. We also focus on disaster-relief hybrid drones, ultra-high-sensitivity cameras, and cloud software for drones.

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