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Provide values that can not be offered by our own company alone by collaboration

With design thinking, collaboration beyond organization will progress at a stretch, and a new business model will be born. Regional revitalization by "Electric Vehicle (EV) Tourist Station" collaborated by JTB and JCB will be a good example. The unique point is that "car sharing" was introduced. Traditionally, rent-a-car was responsible for moving between mountainous areas, but we could not do sightseeing easily with it. Therefore, by sharing the EV with tourists and residents, sightseeing in the mountains where it was difficult was eased easily. Nonetheless, to promote use, a corresponding number "Electric Vehicle (EV) Tourism Stations" are required. Therefore, we set up more than 1,500 "Electric Vehicle (EV) Tourist Stations" in the area and prepared a system that tourists can use immediately. What is even more unique is that "Electric Vehicle (EV) Tourism Station" has a credit card settlement function. It is a case that created a new value by collaboration with credit card company, JCB.

Ahead of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, further inbound demand will increase in the future. So, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries are raging to sell high value-added fruits to foreign tourists. Nonetheless, since fruits are raw, quarantine is necessary, for foreign tourists the purchasing hurdles are high. Furthermore, transportation is also an issue. JTB who worked on this problem provided quarantine substitution by making use of its office in the airport. NEC and Yamato Transport collaborated here. By utilizing NEC's authentication technology and Yamato Transport's transportation capability, we are creating value that our own company alone can not offer.

Collaboration is progressing not only for large companies but also for venture companies. Nihon Unisys, in collaboration with Challengy, is developing a next-generation wind power generation service combining innovative power generation technology and IoT. Nihon Unisys shares the strengths of cloud management, and Charenagy shares the advantages of machine learning and big data analysis technology, creating innovative services. In the era of technological change rapidly, providing speedy service only by our own company is slow. That is why we need timely collaboration. In the future, such cases will increase in SMEs as well.


"CSV" with merit in the value chain

What you can learn from these examples is the importance of drawing an "extension line" to where you had never been before. For example, if JTB does not meet JCB or Yamato Transport, the new value can not be created. This "supplementary line" is not something that can be easily withdrawn only by its own company. Sometimes it is necessary to work with the appropriate facilitator. When searching for a new facilitator, it is important to carefully examine "how much the network is," "production results" and so on.

The value newly created by the business introduced so far can be explained by "CSV (Creating Shared Value. Creating shared value"). "CSV" is advocated by Professor Michael Porter, an economist and has points such as "Developing high public utility" and "Merits in the value chain". In the case of "Electric Vehicle (EV) Tourist Station", you will notice that there are benefits not only to tourists but also to residents as well as public interest is secured.

Let's introduce a typical case of "CSV" here. "Shimodozono", founded as a Kagoshima tea dealer in Kagoshima-shi, is a company that is pursuing research and development aiming for "making the most delicious Japanese tea in Kagoshima. Until now, they have produced various teas using Yutaka green, a variable representing Kagoshima tea. "Shimodoen" supported and organized farmers producing organic cultivated tea, but was unable to realize the desire to "buy the tea of the correct producer as high as possible". So, our product consultant began. Using local water, using ultrasonic waves, extract only the tea taste. We also devised packaging and used wine bottles that overturn the traditional tea concept. Although the selling price is as high as 5,400 yen, it is adopted by JR Group with whom we have relationships and is always offered at "Nanatsubo in Kyushu". Also, JTB is also interested in, foreign visitors seeking high-quality tea at the hotel in the metropolitan area are also pleased.

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Manabu Akaike
Universal Design Research Institute, Inc., CEO
the Research and Development Subcommittee of the Industrial Structure Council of METI, Member Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Innovative Technology, Review Board Jury
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Biomass Nippon Integrated Strategy Promotion, Committee
Musashino Art University, Department of Design Information, Lecturer
Waseda University Environmental Research Center, Visiting teacher
Kitakyushu City Environment Capital Research Center, Main Researcher
Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization Good Design, Award Jury
Kids Design Council Kids Design, Award Jury Chairperson

Born in Tokyo in 1958. In 1981 he was graduated from the University of Tsukuba biology. He operates a think tank that designs social system designs and develops products, facilities, and communities for environmental and welfare, which encourages social innovation. He advocated "life regionalism", "sustained sustainable science" and "making things to learn in nature", and participate in numerous manufacturing projects utilizing local resources, technology, and human resources. As a science and technology journalist, he is also involved in writing, criticism and lecture activities focusing on manufacturing technology and the philosophy of science, and he will also serve as a representative director of the co-creative initiative of the company since 2011. He received numerous awards in the field of industrial design, such as Good Design Prize Gold Prize, JAPAN SHOP SYSTEM AWARD First Prize, KU / KAN Award 2011 and so on.

◇Main book
"Innovation evolving from living organisms Evolution of 3.8 billion years of super technology" (NHK Publishing) July 2014
"Monozukuri Enthusiasm for Nature Studies" (supervised by PHP Institute / Akaike) January 2011 "Insects Save Humans" (Takarajimasha Shimpo) October 2007
"Insect power" (Shogakukan) July 2006
"Making Things to Learn From Nature" (Toyo Keizai Inc.) December 2005
"Nippon Technology" (Maruzen) June 2005
"New Manufacturing Industry Survival Theory" (Wedge) March 2005
"Knowing Toyota" (Nikkei Business Paperback) November 2004

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