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Infection control in every place. Health consciousness to the next step.CO2 SYSTEMS Co.,Ltd


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"Sterilization Revolution" that is able to produce disinfectant water effective for Norovirus and influenza safely and inexpensively in large quantities.


  • The creative power to products close to real life
  • Facilitate new preventive measures to cope with next-generation infectious diseases
  • Rational products create, industry-unbounded versatility

Safe and inexpensive preventive measures against strong viruses that can not be disinfected by alcohol sterilization.

Enhancement of infection control is essential at all sites such as food and drink related facilities, medical care facilities and nursing care facilities. Alcohol is actually used in many cases, but many viruses can not be sterilized by alcohol sterilization, much attention is focused on sodium hypochlorite that exerts its effect on a broader range of fungi. The device that creates weakly acidic hypochlorous acid disinfecting water with this sodium hypochlorite and carbonated water is the "sterilization revolution" developed by the company.

Weakly acidic hypochlorous acid disinfectant water has a bactericidal effect of 4 to 6 times that of conventional, effective also against Norovirus and influenza. Since "sterilization revolution" which generates disinfecting water is compact, it can be installed to all facilities. Many facilities purchase expensive disinfectant water bottles, and if you use this "sterilization revolution", you can safely and inexpensively produce a large amount of disinfecting water on site.

The "sterilization revolution" operates with our patented technology to extrude hypochlorous acid by carbon dioxide pressure. Therefore, it is possible to produce sterilized water with no power supply. Since the production cost of sterilizing water per liter is JPY4 or less, it can considerably cut the cost compared to purchasing conventional disinfecting water with a bottle.

The rationality of the site perspective generates installation at wider range of on-site.

Hitherto, disinfecting water was often produced by putting sodium hypochlorite with human 's hand into the water in the bucket. Therefore, chlorine concentration was unstable and wearing gloves, masks, glasses was indispensable. Since rinse water is also required in large quantities to wash out the residual chlorine remaining in the bucket, it takes time and efforts.

However when "sterilization revolution" , it is the back exchange type so that no need for gloves and mask. Since it can be replenished without touching chemicals, it is also gentle to the staff who generates disinfecting water. The sterilizing power is also outstanding because it can adjust the bacteria removal water to a weakly acidic ph value that maximizes the effect.

Due to these characteristics, demand is expected in the facilities and the stores where infection control measures are required, such as supermarkets with having a kitchen, food chain manufacturers, medical facilities, nursing care welfare facilities, hotels, and public facilities.

Carbon dioxide spring manufacturing equipment "CO2SPA" used in medical field toward general households.

Mr. Yamazaki who founded the company has launched numerous new projects at major medical device manufacturers where he worked for many years and was promoted up to the position of manager. He focused on the effect of expanding the blood vessel of the carbonated spring from the medical equipment maker era and continued his research toward commercialization of carbonated spring manufacturing equipment.

However, in order to make it a medical device, it is required the national authoritative approval, even if it is used for medical treatment at the medical site, it becomes out of the insurance coverage. Therefore it was difficult to propose to the hospital. Hence, Mr. Yamazaki left the medical equipment maker. In order to develop carbonated spring manufacturing equipment that can be introduced not only to medical facilities but also to general households and nursing care facilities, CO2 Systems was launched.

In the manufacturing equipment for general households and for medical facilities, everything is fundamentally different from the structure to regulation. Since it developed the cover and the cabinet from scratch to the specification which can be used also in general households, it is told that two years needed to spend on till the commercialization. Thus was born, a high concentration artificial carbonated spring manufacturing equipment "CO2SPA".

"CO2 SPA" can generate carbonated springs of nanobubbles in a household, a bathroom such as a medical care facilities. Since carbon dioxide gas bubbles are extremely fine as 100 nanometers, it is easy to penetrate subcutaneously. Therefore, various effects such as treatment of arteriosclerosis · buerger disease and improvement of immunity can be expected. Evaluating these efficacies, "CO2SPA" has been introduced in various facilities such as general household, nursing home, hospital and clinic in the second year from the start of sales.

"CO2 SPA" which can generate high concentration carbonated spring ad useful in the medical field toward utilizing at household.

As our products are innovative and also close to real life. The "sterilization revolution" facilitates strong preventive measures against next-generation infectious diseases, and they are possible to spread in the future. While attention is focused on medicine-free treatment and pre-illness, "CO2 SPA" has the potential to contribute to the beauty and health of many people. Combined with the evidence cultivated in the medical field of the company from the other fields, it can be expected to produce new products and technologies of beauty health.

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(1) We will create an innovation in hygiene control through our safe and high-performance disinfecting water production device (patented). (2) We will strive to develop and sell products that can contribute to society by utilizing carbonated spring, which has vasodilating effects, to promote countermeasures against pre-symptomatic diseases and raise awareness about health. (3) We will develop effective ways of using the product with various gases by utilizing a multi-functional mixing device (patent pending).

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