"Nose mask pit super" which can be used regardless of the scene, cutting 99% of ultrafine particlesBIO-international Co.,Ltd.


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Development period 17 years, fine adjustment of size with nine parts.
"Nose mask pit super" which succeeded in alleviating foreign body feeling

Learnning Points

  • Points of focusing on finding new ideas from existing products
  • Challenging spirit aiming for better outcomes and continuing to improve

Nose mask pit super developed by Bio International is a product that demonstrates the function of a mask by attaching a dedicated filter to the nose, unlike a mask that masks the mouth and nose directly with a cloth. Therefore, it is possible to use it safely without any hesitation even if it is in a crucial business scene such as a conference, in a state that it is apparently masking or not understood by others.

The opportunity of trying to develop the product was in 2001. It was a time when pollen allergy that was perceived by society had become talked about in public, at a drugstore convenience store, we saw a mask that was mounted many times, but the main thing was that they were made of cloth when speaking of the mainstream mask at that time. The story is not limited to masks as well as medicines, and many people do not agree with hay fever medicine. For those with such troubles, "We want to relieve pollinosis somehow" and began to develop "Nose mask pit super."

The difficulty in development was the reduction of foreign body feeling when putting things in the nose. And another one was different nose size problem by individuals. So we independently developed nine parts. Combining these nine parts realized fine adjustment and solved the two problems. The period to complete "Nose mask pit super" has been 17 years. From 2001 when we started to develop, we sell products while making improvements with 2005, 2008 and 2014. In 2018, we completed "Nose mask pit super" finally cutting 99% of the particles.

It is the product that started development as pollen allergy measures, but now domestic demand is a cut of influenza and PM 2.5. However, the need is not limited only to the local market. Developed "Nose mask pit super" in China, Taiwan, South Korea and Southeast Asia due to PM 2.5 cut. Also, demand from Russia and the United States is increasing in influenza. In Russia, with product validation with the university in Moscow proved its superior performance. More reliable on the site was raised, and it became more attentive. Also, we are also planning to develop for Europe such as the UK, Germany, and Switzerland. In line with this spread, we are also improving nine parts that we have used for "Nose mask pit super" so that it fits the nose of the local user. Today, the stage where the company's challenging spirit is being demonstrated to the fullest for a new challenge. Everything is steadily preparing for future development to let users around the world know the attraction of "Nose mask pit super."

  • In Japan, it is common to wear a mask even with a slight cold. If you are walking in the city, you will see many people wearing masks regardless of the season. Meanwhile, overseas, many countries do not wear a mask unless they are a significant illness. In such a scene, "Nose mask pit super" is a product that is both "COOL" in performance and appearance. Masks that can be used without difficulty regardless of location can spread all over the world in line with the company's overseas deployment.

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Since 2005, we manufacture and sell nasal masks that are unobtrusive for the very first time in the world. Evolutionary nasal masks are recommended to those who are havinf troubles with "stuffy" "glasses clenching" and "makeup is taken". Nose mask pit eliminates such troubles. It is a revolutionary and looks unusual product that prevents pollutants from entering from ouside; such as pollen, PM 2.5, dust, dust, yellow sand, house dust, etc.

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