"Engines are not yet a completed industry"
Development of new types of engine with low fuel consumption, low vibration and high outputNamikoshi Electronics


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Highly efficient engine realizing substantial efficiency with completely new structural technology (patent acquisition)

Learnning Points

  • Intention to send "Products that do not exist in the world yet" to society
  • Transmission of information using Youtube even to overseas

Founding of Namikoshi Electronics was in 1990. Since then, we have developed various products, mainly electronic relations with the intention to send "Products that do not exist in the world yet" to society. The reason why we started developing the engine is back to the 1980s. President Namikoshi who was a farmer and was familiar with engine repair of agricultural machines since childhood experienced oil shocks and started the concept of a highly efficient engine with a completely new structure. A model was produced almost at the same time as the company was founded and a prototype 50 cc engine was produced around 2000, a patent was acquired in Japan, the United States and Germany in 2012. Currently, it has finished trial production of 1500 cc class and is making further improvements.

The ways to generate a large power with less fuel are to "Increase the thermal efficiency of converting fuel to energy" or "Reduce the engine loss of generated energy". However, it is difficult in reality to greatly improve the thermal efficiency. Therefore, we developed the theme of three losses of the engine, namely "Loss due to friction", "Loss due to vibration" and "Loss due to reciprocating movement". Regarding the reduction of loss due to friction, friction interviewing is greatly reduced by reducing the number of sliding bearings at 13 locations in the current 4-cylinder engine to 5 locations. Reduction of loss due to vibration is the operation of the balancer, and reduction of loss due to reciprocating motion is realized by integrating four pistons.

In test operation with 1500 cc prototype, at the time of idling at 1000 rpm, the fuel efficiency was reduced by about 30% compared to the current engine, and low vibration of the same level as the rotary engine was confirmed. Since vibration loss and friction loss are reduced, output up is also expected. We expect this high-efficiency engine in a wide range of applications for not only use as an automobile engine but also as an internal combustion engine in power generation and cogeneration by natural gas and biogas, as well as engine generator of an electric vehicle, engine generator of a drone.

The trial operation uploaded a video to YouTube and got big attention with 10,000 views a day. There were also approaches from famous sports car manufacturers in Europe and government investment companies in China. It also exhibited at the Osaka Motor Show in 2017, and has also received praise from many automobile users. Automotive engines are difficult to enter new fields. However, we would like to pursue further development and ambitious development toward adoption of products. To raise development speed, we will also seek joint development with partners.

  • The high-efficiency engine is equivalent to or more inexpensive to current engines regarding cost, but it is compact overall although it will be horizontally long in size. Besides "high efficiency" it is an engine that has the potential to demonstrate various advantages. The future needs as an automobile engine due to the EV shift etc. are uncertain, but we say, "For example, it is optimal as a range extender for auxiliary power for EV and heating applications." The paradigm shift of the automobile industry may turn into a big opportunity for us. The maturity of development in the future, the expectation for development of applications will expand.

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We developed and sold sine wave inverter, fluorescent lamp electronic lighting tube, small power meter, etc. Currently we are developing motor controllers for electric bicycles and drones' posture control.

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