"Caster & Central lock solution system" to enable free design with wire.TOSHIN MFG Co.,Ltd


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Round of three years to repeat the prototype, by adopting new materials we realized the product.
"Caster & Central lock solution system."

Learnning Points

  • Observational ability to find points that can be improved from conventional products
  • Flexible attitude to incorporate technologies without know-how

Plating on fine articles requiring technical strength.

When speaking of caster lock, one that directly manipulates caster parts is common. However, "Caster & Central lock solution system" developed by Toshin Factory Co., Ltd. is a product that realizes caster lock in an entirely new way. This product achieves simultaneous four-wheel lock by connecting the lock operation part, and the wire mounted on the caster. Since the operating component can be installed regardless of location, it can be installed in places that are easy to operate according to the application. Also, it has various functions such as caster turning, and wheel rotation can be locked at the same time, and it is a product that is more secure than conventional caster locks.

The reason for the development of "Caster & Central Lock Solution System" was because I was thinking "can I achieve a safer caster lock?" Originally, the company had many casters installed in medical equipment. It was thought that it was possible to lock it more safely in an emergency such as an earthquake if the operation part was able to be installed where noticeable. However, since the design is completely different from the conventional caster lock on the other hand, development started from scratch in a fumble state. In the middle of development, we actively engage in areas where technical know-how is not available.One of the materials adopted in the "Caster & Central Lock Solution System". It was the first attempt to adopt the material as a caster product of the company.

"Caster & Central Lock Solution System" that took a full three-year period from development to completion. This product allows the caster installed in various instruments to be locked in bulk from the position where the hand arrives. Because of the high degree of freedom of design such as safety and place of installation, we are planning to develop new fields in the future. We are looking for possibilities in the field of logistics as well as in the medical field, which we have established so far. Currently, we are also making improvements so that we can deal with every field. The immediate goal is to increase the size of the "Caster & Central Lock Solution System" and to pursue the material. Especially, it is necessary to improve the product further in order to adopt it in the logistics field, such as durability. The challenge for the next stage is progressing at a rapid pace.

  • A caster that is often used when carrying heavy loads. Lock is a critical factor for casters because it is used in such applications. When speaking of the current caster lock, it is mostly to manipulate the caster part with the foot directly. If our products become popular, unlike traditional products, locking can be quickly done by hand so that safety will rise considerably. "Caster & Central lock solution system" different from conventional ideas. Currently, introduction in the medical field is the focus, but the date of seeing the product in various areas, including the logistics field is underway, and may be close.

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We are a caster manufacturer focused on double-wheel casters. We also deal with lots of designs, plate, specially-ordered screws which are hard to find on a standardized products. Also, by exploiting our accumulated knowledge as a manufacturer, not only casters but we also offer a one-stop business of related products from proposal, designing, prototyping, production, and sales. Feel free to consult with us by all means!

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