Installing micro hydro power generators in rivers and waterways to secure power during disastersmaruhi Inc.


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The electric power generated by the micro hydro power generator (left) is charged to the power storage system (right).

Product name = Portable Emergency Power Generation System "EPGS"

Electricity generated by small hydro power can be charged to storage batteries

Installing the portable Emergency Power Generation System (EPGS) developed by Maruhi Co., Ltd. provides peace of mind in the event of a power outage caused by a large-scale disaster. If the EPGS micro hydro generator is installed in nearby rivers and waterways, the generated power will be charged to the power storage system. The generated power can be used for products with 100V/AC 55V (pseudo sine wave) and a maximum output of 100W. It is also possible to charge a few smartphones and tablet terminals from a USB port.

One advantage of EPGS is that it has less impact on the environment because it can be installed without changing the terrain and it uses less water. It is also possible to install solar panels as an option.

Achieving portability through a lightweight design and special case

The specifications of the micro hydro power generator are as follows: rated output of 20W (MAX30W), rated voltage of DC25V, rated speed of 200rpm, and weight of 5kg. The capacity of the power storage system using a lithium-ion battery is 15Ah. The capacity can be expanded as an option. Each power storage device is equipped with a USB port and a DC12V jack. Each device weighs 5.2 kg and can be carried in a special case.

At the time of installation, measures are necessary to support different water volume and drop for each river and waterway. Currently, Maruhi is conducting R&D for design dedicated to each site.

Co-creation with companies using water and companies handling disaster-preparedness products

Hydro power is currently attracting attention from various perspectives such as FIT (Feed-in Tariff), carbon dioxide reduction effects, and effective use of renewable energy. Expectations towards hydro power are also increasing as a way to achieve SDGs Goal 7: "Affordable and clean energy for everyone." Under such circumstances, Maruhi hopes to consider co-creation with companies that use water and companies that handle supplies for disaster-preparedness.

In order to stably conduct business in Japan, a country with frequent large-scale natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, countermeasures for emergencies are essential at all companies. EPGS is a promising option for companies seeking to ensure business continuity.

Coverage date January 20, 2020


Company overview

maruhi Inc.

Maruhi Co., Ltd. was established in 1968 in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture. At the time of establishment, the company's main business was the assembly of instrument motors. The company performs integrated production spanning from parts processing to assembly of AC servo motors, step motors, DC motors, linear motors, and bio devices. Maruhi assembles aviation equipment, pumps, and actuators, and manufactures winding machines which automatically wind motors and resolvers. Additionally, the company develops, manufactures, and sells various power-saving equipment and small hydro power generators.

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