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The goal of "tiwaki Co.,Ltd" is "creating AI technologies that allow anyone to use AI on their own easily." Beyond that, the company is looking at realizing an "AI ecosystem," in which people can share various solutions created based on such AI technology. The essential factor for this concept is the existence of partner companies. What kind of business partners is the company looking for?

Specializing in the development of the AI technology that meets the needs of the world

What "tiwaki Co.,Ltd" is developing is nothing but core technologies for machine learning and image recognition. Users can enter into license agreements with the company to develop solutions based on the company's core technology.

"For example, "Furinkazan Pose," which is an excellent multi-person skeleton detection and pose estimation technology, is used to build shoplifting detection systems. Our technology can detect movement, but that alone cannot make up an application. Considering how to use that technology and designing are the roles of the user side."

This is how the company conducts business. So far, the company has attracted a great deal of interest from companies that engage in the next-generation mobile service "MaaS" or the robot business. In recent years, however, the company has been receiving inquiries from companies representing a wider range of industries. The major reason why the company has attracted more particular attention than many other AI companies would be that the technology it provides captures user needs accurately.

"Our core members are engineers who have been working in the field facing users for 15 to 20 years on average. We have always prioritized understanding market needs over thesis presentation or research, so we all share the sense that we must provide what the world needs in a form that people can use properly.

Wishing to build up a track record that proves the high level of our technology

Mr. Xiang Ruan states that, to develop technology, they have to engage in trial and error continuously, but he has never felt it tough. However, he still feels that the next step, which involves getting others to understand the technology and purchase or sign a contract, is still a high barrier.

"As I mentioned earlier, our technology is just a part, but the market often wants a finished product that incorporates that part. Especially, when the user's field is different from us, the response we get after showing the user technical benchmark scores is very little, and we are caught in the dilemma of not being able to convey the excellence of the technology."

In such cases, it would often be effective to show users actual use cases of the technology or examples of the finished products, but the company, which was founded in 2016, does not yet have many achievements to show. That is the weak point of the company.

"Therefore, we are looking for partner companies that can create various applications using our core technologies. We would be happy to have partner companies develop their products under a license agreement, but we are planning to shift our focus to the style in which we work with partner companies on the joint development of new solutions and products in the future."

The interviewer asked what he wants in partner companies. He answered as follows, with the following words from the perspective of a company that boasts world-class technology development capabilities, at the end of the interview.

"When we try to proceed with business matching in Japan, the bottleneck lies in the slow decision-making process of the other company. Overseas companies are far quicker. On another level. To keep up with the rest of the world, I would like to try new things with partners with whom we can promote collaborative projects as quickly as possible."

Series Wishing to build new solutions with our partners

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Series 2 Wishing to build new solutions with our partners


Company information

tiwaki Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2016 at an incubator facility at Ritsumeikan University's Biwako Campus in Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture. The company’s business includes the sale of licenses for its technologies in the fields of machine learning and image recognition, as well as consulting, and contract development services. In addition to "Furinkazan" and "Yoichi," the company has also developed "Onmyoji," an image recognition technology that does not require learning, and "Wadatsumi," a platform for solving underwater problems.

Coverage date November 19, 2020

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