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The location of items in factories and warehouses is tracked in real time

Product name = Goods location management IoT service "Xeye"

Easy-to-start location visualization service for items

"Xeye" from Y's Lab is an IoT service that promises to reduce "wasted time searching for necessary items" in factories, warehouses, and offices. No major electrical work or rearrangements are required for adoption. You can start using the service with ease simply by pasting individual identification information such as barcodes and IC tags on the items you want to manage, and reading the information with a smartphone app. In the case of indoor use, additionally a "BLE beacon" that transmits Bluetooth radio waves is attached to a pole or wall.

Once the individual identification information is read, it can be checked on an online or app map, so that in addition to information on where and how much space is available, the dead space and the retention time of items are tracked in real time.

Make full use of smartphones to lower the hurdle for adoption

By specializing in the "visualization of location" function, the product minimizes adoption hurdles in terms of cost and setup burden. One of its strengths is that locations are identified outdoors with GPS and indoors with beacon signals, and both are manageable with a smartphone, so there is seamless usage without changing operations between outdoors and indoors. If smartphones compatible with the quasi-zenith satellite "Michibiki" become widespread, the positioning error in outdoor use is expected to be several tens of centimeters, enabling location control of small products.

Furthermore, for work sites where smartphones cannot be used, or when the work of scanning with a smartphone needs to be eliminated, the special device "Xeye automatic positioning unit (XAPU)" is available as an option for automatically tracking the movement of items for which location information needs to be tracked, and transmitting location information to the cloud. When the device with various built-in communication modules is itself attached to an item, the service becomes available.

In active use at many work sites suffering from time wasted searching

The value of Xeye comes into play when the storage location of products and works in progress is not fixed or when handling one-off items, where time is wasted searching every time an item is stored, retrieved, or moved. It has been widely adopted in vehicle businesses such as new car delivery and maintenance, used car import/export and sales, and used car auctions, manufacturing businesses such as heavy-duty vehicles and construction machines, textiles, and construction and civil engineering materials, as well as logistics businesses such as ferry operation. Xeye will likely also be adopted for the location management of heavy machinery at large construction sites and the location management of industrial waste containers. One company which adopted it has successfully reduced work hours by 265 hours per month. It has reduced complaints by 80%, primarily due to an increase in time allotted to work, which leads to quality improvements.

Upon adoption, there is a free trial period of one month. Optimization of products and services is still in progress, with the company flexibly supporting requests for improvements pre- and post-adoption, and spreading requested improvements suited for general use throughout the service.

The biggest enemy of work efficiency is "useless work." There must be more companies and industries in need of Xeye to reduce such waste.

Coverage date February 5, 2020


Company overview

Y'sLab Inc.

Established in 1995 as a corporation, Y's Lab develops IoT systems in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. Based on embedded system technology and web technology cultivated over a period of many years, the company continues to provide new solutions that achieve optimal balance between the real and virtual elements required in the IoT era.

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