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Making a mixture at the nano level produces new materials
"High shear processing technology" develops industry dramaticallyHSP Technologies Inc.


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"Completely continuous high shear processing machine" which is mass-produced and realized by joint development with Toshiba Machine


  • Develop a new material with the merit of each just by mixing
  • Depending on the idea the combination of elements is infinite
  • Contributing to industrial growth regardless of field

Mixing at the Nano level creates new materials

Cost reduction in product development is essential in various industries. It is an urgent task to develop "cheap" and "good quality" materials quickly and incorporate them into products.

After retiring as a researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, he established HSP Technologies, Inc. as a technology transfer venture and Mr. Hiroshi Shimizu, who is CEO, uses "High shear forming process technology", and developing, manufacturing and selling new materials to solve the problem of the field.

Even though it is said to develop new materials in a bite, it does not mean to create new materials from scratch. The "High shear molding process technology" is a technique to create new materials by evenly mixing materials already used at the Nano level. For example, when materials such as polycarbonate and polymethyl methacrylate which are resin materials are mixed by conventional molding processing technology, they can only produce dark ones although they were originally transparent, making it even difficult to make the best use of the desired materials. However, with this technology, since it can be mixed at the Nano level, it can be created as "A new material with both properties" while maintaining transparency.

"Only mix," that is why the combination is infinite

In addition to the example mentioned above, in combination with materials mentioned above, a combination of "Thermoplastic elastomer" and "Carbon nanotube," both of which are stretchable electrode materials, can be used for low electric conductivity and stretchability. Although there was a problem, by using this technology blend, it combined the merits of both materials and succeeded in creating new materials that overcome the challenges. This new material is attracting attention as a substitute for the metal as a material for wearable terminals in the medical equipment industry.

In this way, the technology that can be drawn out by merely mixing the merits of each material can significantly shorten the time and cost of developing new materials with the simplicity of "Just mixing existing materials." Also, the type of materials is various. It is no exaggeration to say that there are countless combinations depending on the idea.

Development of large-sized machines enabling mass production of materials

To sell the new content developed by us as a product, mass production is required, but at the time of its establishment, it still had only a small prototype device by hand. "The success of new material development is a question of whether it is doubtful whether mass production is possible simply because it is a small amount of sample, so it was doubtful that the turning point No. 1 in this technology enabled mass production" Mr. Shimizu looks back.

Over the two years since its establishment, Toshiba Machine co-developed with "Completely continuous high shear processing machine" which becomes a large machine. By doing so, we completely wiped out the doubt because of "A small amount."

Aggressively entering industries with remarkable growth

Mr. Shimizu said "When we succeed in developing new materials, overseas enterprises will actively contact us, while domestic companies continue to use the traditional materials for 2 to 30 years" However if one company starts to adopt new materials also in the domestic market, the material market may move at once.

We are now actively entering industrial sectors that are likely to expand the market significantly, such as panels for smartphones and tablets, automotive window materials, automobile parts, tire materials, robots, wearable equipment materials. Continue to provide value through new elements to the needs of the industry, increasing the growth of the industry as a whole in Japan.

The combination of materials is not limited to the multiplication of two elements but maybe three or four. Our strength is that it can create ideas (needs) quickly as materials. Unlike new products, overseas respond more sensitively than Japan, and it seems enthusiastic to incorporate it into Japan, but there is a necessity for cost reduction through the adoption of new materials even in Japan. Also, if new substitute materials are born by combining the properties of various materials such as weight reduction and high strength, further developments will appear in industries such as automobiles, robots, and rockets.

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We manuracture various nanocomposite material by using world first high shear fabrication technology. We can mix dissimilar polymers at the molecule level and nano- disperse CNT, carbon fiber (CF) and various fillers like nanoparticle into polymer.

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