Compact, powerful washing at a low cost! In addition, it is environmentally friendly because only water is used for washing. The washer cleans immediately after processing while the deposited oil has not oxidized much.HIRAIDE PRECISION Co.,Ltd


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The In-line Spiral Washer HPW-42 washes workpieces forcefully with just water

Product name = In-line Spiral Washer HPW-42

Manufacturing processes that involve metal parts and rubber products often include a washing process that uses chemicals and alkalis. However, there have recently been demands from society regarding the environmental impact, and the need to wash in an environmentally friendly manner will likely continue to grow. It's the opportunity for Hiraide Precision's In-line Spiral Washer HPW-42 Series to demonstrate its true value with powerful water-only washing.

The washer works on palm-sized workpieces (worked objects) with the patented technology "Triple Wash," a powerful wash driven by a multi-tank spiral drum. In addition, the work ranging from loading to washing and drying is all automated by a spiral mechanism, which should improve work efficiency. Furthermore, the loading device can be customized according to the size and shape of the workpiece, and the washing process can be integrated, directly connecting it to the pre-processing device.


Triple Wash is a patented technology that performs 3 types of washing


This product combines a washing drum and a drying drum and has its cylinder in a horizontal layout, hinting at the principle of “Archimedes' screw pump,” which continuously pumps water by rotating a cylinder with an internal spiral shape. In addition to the development of a "Naruto mechanism" that pumps up workpieces that have been submerged in the washing machine and sends them to the next process, the mechanical parts in the spiral mechanism have been repeatedly improved to achieve a special structure that does not cause sticking of workpieces. Then as a result of repeated research on water activation methods, components, and temperature, the washer reached its current washing strength.

The patented technology “Triple Wash” performs three-method (shower, soak/vibrate, drain) washing in the wash drum. When a workpiece is loaded into the washer, Triple Wash is repeated as many times as there are spiral turns, for a powerful wash. In addition, it washes at least 1 m per rotation and nearly 7 m in an average wash, while its compact size also saves space.

In the subsequent drying drum, a powerful hot air blower dries the workpiece in a short time. It is ideal for washing stamped parts, forged parts, and rubber products, and pipe-shaped objects can even be washed on the inside.

Resolving domestic challenges with an eye towards the world

The In-line Spiral Washer HPW-42 Series has already been adopted at many companies. Clients that already received the product have offered many positive reviews such as "a washer that automates and reduces labor in the washing process is exactly what I wanted," and there are already repeat clients.

When the washer is adopted, a washing test is conducted free of charge. Then, after the client checks the finish for cleanliness and scratch marks, a meeting oriented towards actual adoption such as customization methods will start.

The company's goal is to help every customer who has problems with washing. Since it was selected as the "Foreign Application Support Project for Nagano Prefecture SMEs” in FY2017, we are considering sales outside Japan such as in Europe, the United States, and ASEAN countries, but are prepared to first address the challenges of a wider range of companies in Japan.

Coverage date July 1, 2019


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The high-precision sheet metal processor Hiraide Precision has achieved a precision of up to 10 μm (1 μm = 0.001 mm) pitch, and proposed solutions using Hybrid Precision Sheet Metal™ for machining and resin treatment. From design to parts processing and assembly, Hiraide Precision can speedily and reasonably handle anywhere from one to several hundred variables according to customer requirements. Chosen as one of "300 SMEs and Small Businesses in Action" in 2013 by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency, as a "Driving Company for the regional future" in 2018 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and one of "300 SMEs and Small Businesses on the Way Up" in 2019 by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.

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