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Our first OEM product was born from an encounter at the New Value Creation ExhibitionSense-Pro Corp



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We showed an attitude that responds to any needs

One of the most critical devices in the IoT era, which receives and consolidates information from all "sensor". The global market for sensors has already reached 3 trillion yen, it is said that it will reach several times that in several years. SensePro plans, develops and manufactures various IoT sensor systems with sensor technology and wireless technology as the core.

We founded in 2016 based on the technology cultivated in previous works, exhibited in the same year's new value creation exhibition. We met a person in charge of Sunao Electric, a manufacturer of agricultural training equipment for environmental monitoring, and went on to develop the OEM product "AUTO RAIN". We asked them about how to use the new value creation exhibition effectively.

Last year they exhibited temperature and humidity wireless sensor equipment at a low price.
Why is Sunao Electric interested?

Our sensor is a sensor capable of sensing under harsh environments, so we had it displayed for the strict environmental measurement control. Sunao Electric of the OEM destination was coming as a visitor, but as we discussed, they said that "In the greenhouse, it is a harsh environment such as high temperature in the summer, cold in the winter and more water.". They are a company that have made industrial and agricultural timers for a long time, and until then made a system to sprinkle water to crops by time management, but I wanted to use it as sensor control. If that is the case, we will be able to serve them because we are good at the harsh territory. This is the start. Since then, "AUTO RAIN" which manages the temperature, humidity and watering of agricultural greenhouses was born.

What was the process up to development?
We visited them many times and solved every request one by one. For example, we met their demand to "make sure that communication is not interrupted" by corresponding and by making it wired rather than wireless and met another request that "we want to control not only temperature and humidity but also "saturation" (room to saturated vapor pressure)" which came up with a marketing survey of farmers who are their customers. It is the strength of "AUTO RAIN" to be able to adequately manage the environment inside the greenhouse with multiple sensors measuring temperature, humidity, and saturation. Besides, as we presented various ideas from us, it seems that they could think that we can do exciting things.

There are many small and aged farmers as their customers and, there is a need to make quality control by using sensor control for crops that had been dependent on experience and intuition until then. And there is no sufficient financial strength. Therefore, "AUTO RAIN" also realizes miniaturization and low price.

The area under harsh environments as required for agricultural products was a niche in sensors. There are few places to correspond to a niche. Although we are a small company, and we thought that if we target such problems, we will succeed as a start of our business.

Will the development with Sunao Electric continue in the future?
This OEM product is the first step. Of course, We are thinking of the second and third steps. The second step is to expand the type of sensor. In addition to temperature, humidity, and saturation, for example, a carbon dioxide gas sensor, a CO2 sensor is attached, an illuminance sensor is connected, and after that, an earth sensor for discriminating the soil components is attached to whether or not the soil is suitable for breeding cultivation is added. Development projects will continue for a while.

What about initiatives other than Sunao Electric?
Although we can not talk about this in detail in many cases, we heard from various business sectors, and some developments are proceeding. In addition to the OEM business and the seed development business, we also develop our products. Like our products, we installed sensor receptacles for home appliances, developed a "life watch sensor" that AI analyzes life rhythm and watches whether there is no abnormality, and is currently monitoring.

Sunao Electric's OEM product "AUTO RAIN" that properly manages the greenhouse with multiple sensors.

What is the unique charm of a New Value Creation Exhibition?
Exhibitions other than the New Value Creation Exhibition seem to have many presentations with specific themes and targets. IoT's exhibit, AI's display, and so on.

When it is a company like us, it is difficult to feature each one individually. Since the new value creation exhibition does not matter there, there is merit that it is easy to exhibit. And above all, even if a venture company like us tries to hit the world, it is not enough to recognize first. Regardless of whether the former company is a big company, it does not work at all. So what you first have to do is to raise the brand value of the company. When trying to increase the brand value of the company, you have to go to PR in various places. That PR cannot meet anyone who has not introduced anyone suddenly went to a big company suddenly. The new value creation exhibition hopes to do something like this, and if we say that we propose such a proposal, we listen carefully. We think that it will be all the start.

Do you plan to exhibit it every year?
We are thinking of exhibiting. We believe that it is an exhibition that can be said to be a big event for small and medium enterprises. Last year we did not know exactly what we could exhibit, but we got everything we could think about themselves. This year (held November 15 - November 17, 2017) we are planning to enrich it more. We could talk with several companies including the realization of OEM at the previous exhibition and based on that we could prepare what we think is more interesting. We feel that we have to exhibit every year and we must tell everyone that we are growing.

Mr. Toshiaki Nakamura, SensePro CEO who puts "Do as much as we can!" as a corporate policy.

At the end of the story, Mr. Nakamura said, "We think that the first three years are a start dash." If we say that "we don't want and we cannot etc." at the start dash, the customer quickly moves away. That's why it's Senseo's creed that we desperately meet their requests. Also, utilizing various support obtained by being in the incubation facility of the small and medium-sized institution, it is said that it will try a lot of challenges now. The corporate policy of the company is "Do as much as we can!" The company's first OEM product was born out of that attitude.

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We develop and manufacture IoT sensors.Our products are particularly strong in the area of sensing the deterioration of general industrial oils.
We also offer power sensors that use IoT sensing technology and carry out experiments on monitoring the elderly based on power consumption trends at home.
Our staff is comprised of engineers, and many of them are former Panasonic engineers.

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