Line up 24 types such as compression springs and tension springs
"Naspack series 12,000 species." Nakazato Spring Manufacturing Co.,Ltd


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Respond to your needs with a versatile product lineup. Original standard spring "Naspack series 12,000 species."

Learnning Points

  • Technological capability making immediate payment on the day possible
  • The belief in stable even against the surroundings

"Spring" which is closely related to life in various fields such as household goods, office supplies, medical equipment. It is the Nakazato Springs Inc., a spring specialist manufacturer, which fully supports the prototype, design, and manufacture of this spring. We developed our own standardized spring "Naspack series 12,000 species". Dimensions and design have already been completed, and it is expected that a system will be in place to allow immediate delivery of 12,000 original standard springs in 2018. In parallel with these initiatives, we also developed "Spring art" and "Wire art spring steel tassel" which we make with scrap material. We are making efforts that are full of playful spirit that embodies the corporate philosophy "Play, Opportunity, Quality."

"Naspack series 12,000 species" line up various shapes such as compression springs, tension springs, ring type and torsion types. It is characterized by uniquely standardizing springs with high versatility that had many needs in the past so that we can respond quickly from the experience of receiving orders for springs for many years and it is an advantage to be able to ship the springs ordered by 3 pm on the day. Rising original standard springs is also aimed at enhancing the brand value of the company as a specialized manufacturer, and Ryoichi Nakazato, CEO of the company, says, "Although it is subcontracting to make after orders, it is the manufacturer to prepare the product before receiving the order."

The trigger to develop proprietary standard springs was inspired when we received a request from a client whose spring used for agricultural machinery was broken about 30 years ago and produced a substitute in a hurry. "I thought it would be possible to sell it if I made a versatile standard spring for an emergency," Nakazato CEO said. At that time, even in the industry, there was no precedent for standardizing springs, there were many voices to oppose it, but Nakazato CEO confidently said that "Those opposed would be sold." Since then, it began with 209 species at the beginning of sale in 1985, and gradually expanded the lineup to 1,500 species, 6820 species. In the future, we are targeting 30 types and 18,000 species of the lineup by around 2023, and it depicts the vision of delivering springs to all the cities throughout the country.

At the same time with the "Naspack series", we also sell "Wire art" using scrap material from 2000. We process several kinds of wires, such as alphabets, numbers, wisdom rings and key holders, and even at a single point a giant piece of art that represented insects and robots. In many cases, employees selected by our own in-house award system have the right to freely use internal resources, and the products are unique efforts such as setting a favorite price. We are producing original art that matches customer's image such as a store display.

Wire Art Spring Steel Fabric utilizing scrap material
  • The vast lineup of 12,000 kinds of "Prompt delivery" is made possible by technology that can be manufactured quickly even if there is a product out of stock. As CEO, Nakazato says "To have inventory slow down the skill of employees," we employ a method in which employees with optimal skills are adapted according to the shape of each spring and such flexibility of the in-house system supports the instant delivery system over many years. It can be said that it is a unique strength of a few elaborate town factories.

company information

- Nakazato Springs Inc. is a general spring manufacturer headquartered in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture. - Our unique business operation and production system were featured in the White Paper on Manufacturing Industries (2018) and the White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises (1997, 2007), and we were selected as one of 300 good-standing manufacturers by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.

company information

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