Easy Measurement without Blood Sampling.
Noninvasive-type "Intracorporeal Sugar Balance Meter".Kiryu Electronics Development Corp


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Learnning Points

  • Matching of our core technology and social needs.
  • Branding by challenge to undeveloped areas.

Intracorporeal sugar balance meter by optical sensing technology. It is a noninvasive-type instrument with no burden on the body and does not require expendables in addition to equipment.

Kiryu Electronics Development LLC utilizes wireless technology, proactively develops and commercializes sensor technologies, including light sensing, and also sends out products to the world even in agriculture and other fields. Based on its basic technology, it is easy to understand for general, and we are starting to develop products that meet social needs. That is this "intracorporeal sugar balance meter".

"Diabetes" is said to be a national disease that has bothered more than 20 million people including to-be-the one. Grasping the blood glucose level is indispensable for keeping good health. However, existing blood glucose level management often imposes a burden on the user such as blood collection. Intracorporeal sugar balance meter based on the light sensing technology developed by our company solved this problem and made it easier to manage the daily blood glucose level.

The point to pay attention to is "no blood sampling is necessary". Just pinching the clip-type of product to your fingers and your earlobe, the mounted photosensor measures the amount of change in blood glucose level. In addition to being a noninvasive instrument with no burden on the body, it is also beneficial for the user not to require expendables other than the instrument.

Being able to measure the blood glucose level easily and casually are a great merit in health management. "Blood glucose level spike" in which the blood glucose level rises sharply after meals is seen as a problem, but with the intracorporeal sugar balance meter, it is possible to measure time- variational change in blood glucose level before or after meals or when you would like to. Instead of "blood glucose meter" which calculates accurate numerical data, it is merely the "sugar balance meter". Our concept is that it is not necessarily to keen about the numerical value of "blood glucose meter", but it is better to focus on the magnitude of change in order for health management.

The intracorporeal sugar balance meter based on light-sensing technology is currently being preparation for patent application. We aim for commercializing it in fiscal 2019.

  • The measurement section that we provide as a product of "intracorporeal sugar balance meter" is contactless and non-invasive type universal sensor. It can be applied to various fields.
  • For example, it is assumed for measuring changes due to growing conditions of vegetables and fruits, cultivating foods with high nutritional value and high sugar content.
  • Besides this, our company's radio technology and sensor technology are considered to have a great need in the social infrastructure field.

company information

Currently, we develop an optical and non-invasive ”body sugar balance meter” to improve lifestyle habits by observing the body sugar level . Based on the same technology, we also develop a non-destructive ”optical agri-sensor” to observe the ecological status of plants . Leveraging these technological development capabilities, we will strive for product design that meets customer needs.

company information

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