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The 17-axis wearable robot sensor "U-BRAIN RS-01" provided by Usuda Research Institute & Systems Co., Ltd. at the New Value Creation Exhibition 2016, and its evolutionary 24-axis IoT robot sensor "U-BRAIN RS-01v2" at the New Value Creation Exhibition 2017 was awarded the New Value Creation Award respectively.

The latest type of IoT robot sensor " U-BRAIN RS-01v2" is a sensor realizing miniaturization of 2 g with a 100 yen coin size. It is composed of sensors of 24 axes (24 control factors) such as gyroscope, pressure, acceleration, temperature, etc. It is also called IoT sensor which can be easily retrofitted, and various interests of industry such as automobile-related medical system, wearable system.

I asked CEO of the company, Mr. Hiroshi Usuda that how was this small sensor able to attract considerable attention and attention.

How was the reaction of visitors to your sensor at the exhibition?
By classifying the categories broadly, it is the automobile related industry, then the construction machine industry, thirdly as a sensor attached to the body, we got a good reaction from a large number of companies dealing with medical sector and wearable, AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality).
Initially, at our company, we were thinking to attach sensors to mechanical products and for wearable devices, but we had not thought of the details. However, as a result of exhibiting in the New Value Creation Exhibition, what kind of thing is suitable is becoming more evident.

Do you mean that the market expansion was able to be seen in the trade and the customer's side?
I think that it was possible to expand sales channels because there are various areas of sensor application utilization by industry and enterprises. Until the exhibition, it was impossible to imagine what kind of company we would like to deal with precisely with, but since we could deal with more concrete, so we felt that the route of sensor application came to be seen in a more concrete form, and we think that it led to the expansion of sales channels.

How have you been able to use the exhibit three times?
The first time (2014) exhibited in the case that I did not know how to exhibit, I exhibited in the form of a strong trial meaning to see the appearance of the moment.
For the second exhibition (2016), from the first experience, we saw to some extent the needs of customers, and the path of matching with the product came into sight. And for the third exhibition (2017), we felt that it is more concrete to see what we need to receive orders. While incorporating customer's requests, we have raised the level of products, and according to that, we were able to reverse proposal methods of product deployment. This is because we are also a proficiency degree in the New Value Creation Exhibition went up.

How was the product appealed at the New Value Creation Exhibition?
First of all, we are trying to explain the fact that our sensors are equipped with specific technologies in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition to incorporating essential techniques, as well as software technology, we also devise a way to understand that there are very advantages.

What kind of form is concretely easy to understand?
Pamphlets and catalogs as character information are prepared naturally, but you can understand by concretely describing the contents described in the specification by intuition using a demonstration machine, to experience it.
Specifically, it is to show you the hardware device with the sensor. We are devising efforts to visualize the functions of software that can be realized by using the method and to let customers see customers with reality.

What is the New Value Creation Exhibition for your company?
If it is an exhibition at an ordinary presentation, in the case of a sensor category, only manufacturers related to sensors gather, and if I talk to the extreme, someone who you are presenting to is a competitor.
If this is the case, it will be like a place of information provision, but in the case of the New Value Creation Exhibition it covers a wide range of fields, making it a place to appeal to customers who can use and I think that it is a big difference and charm. I would like to continue to exhibit in the future.

What kind of deployment are you planning in the future?
When we provide a sensor, we will receive requests and challenges from customers. We hope to further evolve by incorporating that subject into the sensor.
However, as the axis of the sensor increases, the problem that the area of ​​the base becomes insufficient also increases, so we want to realize and provide devise a way to raise the degree of agglomeration without changing the primary size of the current size of 100 yen coin.

Companies that provide sensors usually provide only sensors, and in many cases, they separately request software and application development for other companies, but they have advantages that they can respond in total to both hardware and software aspects. Also, in collaboration with major IT / telecommunications service companies to revitalize business in the IoT field of SMEs and to construct a new IoT system, scenes, where their sensors are useful, will be massive.

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We develop our own VR and AR systems based on the world’s best 48 axis robot sensors, robot sensors, and develop vertically integrated software. We have already acquired 23 relevant patents in more than 15 countries worldwide. We have strengths in the fields of development, technology and rights for installing in machines, robots or IoT devices that cannot be matched by other companies.

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