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"Pressless forming method" of a sheet metal shop that supports the manufacturing industry from the downtown of Tokyo accelerates making thingsKYOWAKOGYO Co.,Ltd


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"Pressless forming method" which enables inexpensive and prototype molds in a short-term


  • Achieved high precision, low cost, and short delivery time
  • Important that you know at exhibitions etc.
  • Utilizing its own strength "Downtown Network"

High-precision construction method pursuing cheap and fast

Molds are the most important foundation for producing products indispensable to our lives, such as automobiles, cameras and personal computers. Depending on the complexity of the shape of the mold, the iris, and the size, it is not uncommon to cost more than 10 million yen for the production.
If it is completed at one time, there are many times to repeat the prototypes to make a satisfactory mold. A huge cost and time were indispensable for "mold making" which can not be removed absolutely in making things.
Kyowa Industry Co., Ltd. provides "Press-less forming method", which is a proprietary construction method to perform drilling by hydraulic pressure without using a press by merging the "craftsmanship technique" and the thinner technology "laminate mold construction method" that makes simple shaping independently by cutting a sheet. In this method, it is characterized by the fact that the surrounding material is hard to be misaligned as in press working because it is locally stretch and mold the board with a spherical tool at the tip.
Compared to mold fabrication of press working, we reduced the task from 3-4 week to 7-10 days on the delivery time side, and cost 1/3 to 1/4 from the original one.

The continuous effort for sales and active exhibition not only on inquiries

Mold prototyping using "Pressless forming method" provided by us is gaining popularity mainly from OA equipment makers and other related manufacturers, and often acquires customers by an introduction. However, in order to survive the competition in the manufacturing industry, we must do marketing activities.
"Sometimes I was mistaken that I wanted to sell machines instead of proposing a construction method." "It's Hard for people to understand it, probably because it's little-known." Struggling to answer their request while adequately communicating the strength of the Press-less forming method."Mr. Shunhiro Nara, the sales manager of the company, said with a smile while he knows the difficulties.
The result is an ongoing exhibition at the exposition. The head grill section that used our construction method was adopted for the round overnight sleeper train "Nana Stars" operated by JR Kyushu, this is because we exhibited at the exposition. If the merits presented by us are understood, it will lead to new sales channels. The reason why we were able to undertake interior decoration of luxurious tourist trains and part of small satellites, as well as Nanatsu stars, is the result of the advantage of the Pressless forming method.
"I do not know how long it takes so that everyone knows it, but I am looking forward to developing," he said. He emphasized exhibiting at a trade fair where encounters with different industries happen.

Differentiated by collaborative play through downtown network

In the process of making one thing, the work is distributed to various companies such as sheet metal, cutting. From the point of view of the customer, it is a troublesome part because orders to each company are dispersed.
We can offer not only sheet metal processing technology, but has established a unique cooperation system called "Downtown network" with neighboring companies and are working together. By doing so, it is possible to increase efficiency by saving customer's labor and to make it possible for us to handle deliveries. Offering value added that collective underwriting is possible by cooperation by sideways connection of downtown as well as sheet metal processing technology, we are emphasizing on differentiation from other companies in the same industry.

The real thing is that you can not cut the cost to a mold repeatedly prototyped by developing new ones. Cost reduction of die processing by our pressless forming method is welcomed for the manufacturing industry as a whole because it is a process that can not be cut.
Until now, we cherish encounters with different industries such as food industry and design industry, among other things it has overcome the barriers by thinking about problems of difficulty different from the manufacturing industry and improving technology. There is something that should be learned from the attitude positively in encountering different industries.

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With the precision sheet metal technology, which has been succeeded from our past craftsmen for the past 50 years of our history, and a new original technology fusioned with the cutting-edge machinery processing, we will contribute to the Japanese manufacturing.

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