Launching various antiviral textile products that have been proven as effective and safe by third-party organizationsMARUZEN Co.,Ltd


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Bedding such as antiviral sheets and pillow cases is used in hospitals and nursing homes throughout Japan.

Product Name = Antiviral Textile Products

Reduce the influenza virus and norovirus to less than 1/1,000

MARUZEN's Antiviral Textile Products are textile products that have been processed to reduce the number of influenza viruses and noroviruses. These products reduce viruses on fibers to less than 1/1,000 in just two hours. The effect persists even after washing. Products are made of 100% cotton. MARUZEN offers a variety of antiviral textile products including futon covers, sheets, pillow cases, and masks.

Actually, the definition of "antiviral properties" as pertains to textile products was ambiguous in Japan until 2015. Products on the market had only undergone private evaluation by each manufacturer. That same year, the Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council started certification based on the SKE Mark series in accordance with ISO 18184, which is the international standard for antiviral testing methods for textile products. MARUZEN products have been certified with the SKE Antiviral Processing Mark.

Checks by third-party organizations for high levels of antiviral performance and safety

In order to be certified with the SKE Antiviral Processing Mark, in addition to reducing viruses, products must also pass toxicity tests, mutation tests, skin irritation tests, etc. In response to news reports on infection control in hospitals, MARUZEN began developing products which meet these strict conditions from the desire to contribute to hygiene management. Infection control is often an issue at hospitals, nursing facilities, etc., in the winter.

MARUZEN products are manufactured by adding original processing agents blended with antibacterial agents to an antiviral agent which is a mixture of several types of metal ions and amino acids. Impregnating fibers with these agents achieves a high level of antiviral processing which keeps its effect even after washing.

Use in hospitals, nursing homes, kindergartens, restaurants, and lodging facilities, as well as in sanitary masks, etc.


MARUZEN sells antiviral masks which can be washed and reused several times before disposal.

The company's antiviral bedding and covers are sold through medical wholesalers and widely used at hospitals and nursing homes throughout Japan. In particular, MARUZEN products are often used in sterile rooms and ICUs. MARUZEN products are also expected to be used in facilities that require antiviral measures, such as kindergartens, school lunch centers, cafeterias, restaurants, and hotels.

Furthermore, by utilizing it's technology, MARUZEN manufactures antiviral masks and similar products that can be used repeatedly even after washing many times. These products are sold to the general public.

MARUZEN will continue to develop products in this field. Eager to engage in joint development with manufacturers. Interested in collaborating with corporations seeking to conduct antiviral research for materials other than fibers.

Coverage date December 9,2019


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A textile product manufacturer based in Tochigi Prefecture. Specializes in textile products with a focus on bedding. Also involved in nursing care products and interior goods. The company was established in 1961. Aims to develop products which cannot be offered by other companies. Provides products with unique added value; for example, bedding using antiviral fabric and flame retardant fabric, and mattresses and pillows achieving low resilience through the use of urethane manufactured using special methods.

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