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Pro-7 seismic mats are also effective as part of corporate BCP measures

Product name = "Pro-7 seismic mat"

Prevents furniture from falling with ease, which is essential for antiseismic measures

The horror of a large earthquake is the destruction and collapse of buildings. When people are indoors, being crushed to death under furniture is a major problem in both homes and offices.

It is recommended to use a Pro-7 seismic mat which has the opposing properties of "strong adhesion for sudden severe earthquakes" and “easy removal." Simply sticking this mat on the bottom of furniture or appliances can provide flexibility and adhesiveness to prevent them falling over.

This product travels along with vibrations back-and-forth, sideways, and up-down to limit the effects of the shaking. In addition, it is easy to attach and easily removed by slowly peeling it off, allowing for repeated use without leaving any marks on the attachment surface. Based on a completely different idea than what people normally consider "securing strongly," the company developed a new gel※2 based on a urethane elastomer※1 that has both super-adhesiveness and super-elasticity, achieving both "adhesive strength" and "easy removal" which are difficult to combine.
※1 Elastomer is a term coined from the words “elastic” and “polymer,” and is a generic term for highly elastic polymer materials.
※2 A colloid (a solid or liquid dispersed in a liquid) solution loses fluidity and solidifies in a jelly-like form, having both elasticity and rigidity.

Meets the standards of various public institutions

The driving force behind the development was the desire to save as many people as possible. Seizo Kodama, founder and chairman of the developer and distributor Proseven, witnessed the dangers of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and started the company to develop an entirely new product that can save lives. He poured his own funds into completing it.

This product has been tested and approved by public organizations in many test categories such as adhesive strength, rebound resilience, flame retardancy, mold resistance, and compression/tension, and has been certified for bidding by all ministries (90573). For example, it passed the seismic test of 1,000 gal (class 7 seismic intensity) for seismic resistance. The fire flame retardancy conformed to the "UL94 V-2HB standard" in the United States, which has strict standards. As for the adhesiveness per 100 mm x 100 mm sheet, the adhesive force was measured at 3,500 N in the vertical direction and 1,550 N in the horizontal direction. In addition, environmental considerations have been taken into account, and off-gas (VOC) analysis tests have proven that no volatile harmful substances that cause health hazards are generated.

Continuing adoption at production sites. The range of utilization is expanding

This product was originally developed for use in the homes of ordinary households, but BCP (Business Continuity Plan) measures have been driving increasing adoption by companies, especially at production sites. With the anchorless earthquake-resistant construction method using special Pro-7 seismic brackets, there is no need to make holes in the floor or ceiling, and no dust or vibration is produced. Due to the fact that dust and volatile harmful substances are not produced, it is increasingly used in clean rooms at semiconductor production sites. It will likely also find use at research institutions that have expensive precision equipment and at medical institutions that need to maintain their functionality even in the event of a disaster.

The company is also rolling out the Pro-7 Biomass Mat in its series of seismic mats. It uses plant-derived materials to reduce environmental impact and significantly increase load capacity (1.4 times the company's earlier products). Furthermore, in the interest of providing safety and security to the world, Proseven is also developing new materials aimed at more advanced shock mitigation and vibration absorption, fueling interest in the company.
※ The earthquake-resistant construction method does not require tools because it does not use anchor bolts

Coverage date July 23,2019


Company overview

Proseven Co.,Ltd

A manufacturer specializing in seismic mats based in Osaka City. In April 2017, the Omura Technology Center was opened in Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture, which provides one-stop R&D, manufacturing, and logistics. Full-scale operation started the following year, enabling the development of prototypes of urethane molded products, small lot production, and OEM production.
※Abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturing, which refers to the manufacture of products of other brands and the manufacturers of those products.

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