Realized "Visualization" of fatigue
Data collection improves reliability, links to the future of JapanFatigue Science Laboratory Inc. Inc.


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"Simple fatigue. Stress measurement system VM 500" which can easily measure fatigue level in cooperation with a smartphone application.

Learnning Points

  • Flexible development capability tailored to the flow of the times
  • Behavioral ability to continue to verify various effects caused by fatigue

Let's say you have run for 10 km. Even if you say "I am tired" after running, that is a very subjective word, the degree of fatigue varies from person to person. It is possible to diagnose the degree of fatigue by collecting blood and looking at the balance of hormones, but it is necessary to estimate the fatigue level based on objective indicators of fatigue, such as expensive expenses outside the insurance application and the time taken for diagnostic results to appear It was unsuitable for doing.

Fatigue science laboratory, Inc. has succeeded in quantifying and digitizing fatigue by repeatedly conducting research on "fatigue" which is difficult to evaluate such a subjective area.

It was autonomic nerves that we focused on for qualifying and quantifying it. Focusing on autonomic nerves becoming sympathetic, dominant when symptoms such as a feelings of stress and accumulation of fatigue accumulate, collect data by sex and age in autonomic balance and activity amount. We analyzed it as big data and made it based on fatigue diagnostic criteria.

Two kinds of devices that can be used according to the scene are prepared

The equipment provided by us includes a program rental that uses analysis software installed in a personal computer, sales type "Fatigue Stress Measurement System VM302", and a charge based "Simple fatigue Stress Measurement System VM500" which is used in conjunction with the smartphone application. Both of these devices measure autonomic nerves through fingers. The analysis engine calculates the degree of fatigue. "Objectively tired", "Invisible stress", etc. are understood through autonomic nerves.

Currently, it is widely adopted in medical institutions and welfare facilities, but now that smartphones are on stream current, VM 500 can analyze and know the result via smartphone application via an online server. We have succeeded in lowering the introduction hurdle by helping handiness as well.

It is attracting attention in the transportation industry where troubles due to overworking operation are regarded as a problem, especially after being subject to purchase assistance certification by the country since 2017. For the future introduction, we are aiming not only for the company alone but also for dissemination in cooperation with other companies' safety systems.

Validate various hypotheses from collected data, connect to the next

Our efforts go beyond just visualizing fatigue, from which multiple hypotheses are set up, and it is at the stage of shifting to the phase of continuing the verification. In 2016, we started a demonstration experiment as Kanagawa prefecture's health support activity efforts. Although it was limited to the collection of autonomic nervous data of young and old young men from 20 years old to 70 years old, by obtaining the consent of the Ethics Committee, we were able to broaden the range of age to collect data. In the future, Mr. Kuragaki, CEO of the company, said that we would like to lead to the effects on the body due to fatigue and stress, early detection of diseases, and countermeasures.

Currently, we are continuing to analyze and verify the symptoms and trends from autonomic nervous data against various problems such as "elderly people and dementia" and "bullying and suicide of children" in the stage of hypothesis. If these hypotheses and the relevance of autonomic nervousness become clear, it will be a clue to solving many of the problems that Japan has.

  • Illness and accidents caused by fatigue and stress, suicide is a big problem to be solved urgently in Japan. In recent years, even as health-consciousness gets stronger, there are many cases where the introduction cost is high only when it is high just in the fact that our smartphone application + Initiatives called devices are also inexpensive to introduce and succeed in lowering hurdles.
    Also, not only the transportation industry but also a collaboration with various sectors with work-related issues such as nursing care, education, etc. will lead us to a step from the visualization of fatigue, a step of working way reform.

company information

Founded in March 2005, through investment by the doctors at the Fatigue Clinical Center, Osaka City University Hospital. Since then, we have been committed to objective evaluation, quantification, and numerical conversion of fatigue and stress which would formerly be diagnosed subjectively. We have developed original analysis/evaluation programs for ratings and acquired multiple patents.

company information

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