Innovate processing technology that we have cultivated since our foundation. "METAL SPICE" blends cutting “technology” and "art"Kawanami Ironworks Inc.


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A three-dimensional object to be made from the entire mass of metal clusters. In the 8th Cutting Dream Contest Mold and Molding Division, works "Yatsugatake soft rime" received the Silver Award. (Size: 2000 mm × 4000 mm)

Learnning Points

  • Aggressive incorporation of state-of-the-art technology, further enhancement of metal processing with expression power as a weapon.
  • Growth power to increase new appeal to in-house technical capabilities and advance into different fields.

Kawanami Ironworks(Tekko) with over 100 years of inception, specializing in precision machining of large machine parts from medium to large type machining centers using vertical gate type machining machines and vertical / horizontal machining centers. The company has long used advance processing technologies cultivated in parts processing and the high technologies such as 3D CAD / CAM and CG to combine cutting processing technology and art to explore the new value of metal processing, and to develop a model design project "METAL SPICE (metal spice) "is putting emphasis on.

Among them, the company has "KOKUHAN" which expresses images on metal panels, "PUZZDECO (Paz deco)" of 1 mm thick aluminum puzzle piece type art panel, "LYE ) " and constantly developing new expression methods.

In particular, the metal panel "KOKUHAN (Engraved)" which has drawn high-level technology for cutting the precise three-dimensional structure of large machine parts into two dimensions and enhanced expressive power is a metal panel of only 1 mm thick. It is an art panel with a characteristic that it looks three-dimensional by precise cutting surface.

With a single panel module, sizes up to 100 x 200 cm and up to 188 cm x 400 cm can be manufactured, and by combining a plurality of such modules, a larger panel can be manufactured.
A large panel can be used as a wall panel or a barrier painting in a temple barrier, a hotel party room, a restaurant.

At the same time as it is a new art, a metal panel made of aluminum, so it has high durability and robustness, it can be used not only as an interior material but also as an exterior material.

Three-dimensional cutting processing technology used for the production of "KOKUHAN (Engraved)" is a completely new expression method which is different from conventional metal relief and mechanism which gives a stereoscopic effect, and the image of the motif is like a hologram. The company's proprietary technology emerging on the ground. We obtained a patent in Japan in 2013 and also in the United States in 2016.

"KOKUHAN (Engraved)" can be manufactured using photographs and illustrations if it is digital data, while it is metal processing, it has a wide range of design. The barrier painting of the main dining at Kyoto Century Hotel in 2012, and the outer wall of the commercial building "M's Ark Kamakura" completed in Kamakura in 2015 are produced by order from architectural designers. In the future, we hope that not only as a building material but also developing as a new work with a photograph of a professional photographer as an engraved point.

  • The company 's "METAL SPICE" project, which added artistic products to a new aspect of metal processing with the aid of high technical capabilities, we are currently developing a new expression with major construction manufacturers and architectural designers. It will not be a long way to entertain us at hotels and building entrances. Furthermore, as the downsizing of modules progresses, the possibilities as building materials for general residential buildings will increase, and the time might come to introduce it to even in daily life.

company information

Since our founding in 1904, we have manufactured confectionery machines and amusement devices. Having introduced a 5-sided gate-type milling machine and horizontal MC, we are currently capable of large-sized part processing. Leveraging many years of accumulated techniques, we develop and sell our design panel ”KOKUHAN®.” We have also researched FSW technology through Supporting Industry Project, and established a technology to perform FSW using MC. We use the FSW+MC processing for aluminum thermo-panels.

company information

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