Start full-scale adoption of IoT for production facilities easily and at a low costTK-Agile Inc.


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Show real-time information directly in the Excel cell of a remote location just by connecting to a production facility

Product name = “ExceLive® IoT”

Data management of facility equipment with the familiar Excel program

Improving production efficiency through IoT is an urgent challenge for manufacturing companies. However, the adoption of IoT must be tailored to the company to have meaning.

ExceLive® IoT sends the operating status to a remote location via the Internet in real time when connected to a production facility. This IoT tool creates "eAndon® (electronic Andon*1)" easily customized according to companies' needs. The data display screen uses Excel, which many people are familiar with. Input data from production facilities is also compatible with text format and CSV format.

Another advantage is that you can hang many “slave units” onto the same product and expand the functions at will. For example, if you connect a “slave unit” that combines a commercially available single board computer such as Raspberry Pi and a USB camera, you can run at a low cost processes that are unfeasible with conventional methods, such as facility monitoring using image processing.

Moreover, the company is focusing on security measures such as adopting encrypted communication. In addition, recently there have been cases where the use of the cloud is restricted by customers, so this product has an advantage in that it can achieve IoT adoption without using the cloud.

*1 Electronic system that reports the production status of production lines at factories

Improved ease-of-use by popular demand

While there are many IoT products that manufacturers dissatisfied with commercial products developed for their own use, these products are intended from the start for external sale to SMEs. They are uniquely developed taking into account what functions are common to and required for each company, and giving consideration to cost reductions.

Developer TK Agile is also involved in the IT consulting business. Faced with the challenge of how to respond to the different needs at each company, TK Agile learned of real on-site circumstances such as the fact that a surprising number of companies use Excel, and the view that more than data acquisition from facility equipment, what is required for the adoption of IoT by manufacturing businesses is solving the important and difficult problem of how to send the data to a PC at a remote location and use/leverage it there. By specializing its functions in this respect, the product is inexpensive, easy to use, easy to customize, and highly versatile.

Expanding to the manufacturing floor of manufacturing SMEs

The company intends to expand the product to manufacturing SMEs. These include using it in cleanrooms where installing sensors is difficult, and at production sites where the number of monitored objects ranges from dozens to several hundred. You could also leverage its unique ability to monitor from a remote location to monitor outdoor fuel tanks exposed to the elements without a power source. That should highlight the benefits of implementing the system.

It is recommended to use the evaluation machine free rental service so you can decide whether to implement it after gaining an understanding of the product's characteristics. Coaching on how to create Excel macros is also available for a fee.

For companies that want to adopt IoT but don't know what to start with, this product is the perfect tool for that first step.

Coverage date October 1, 2019


Company overview

TK-Agile Inc.

Advanced IT consulting business and in-house development of IoT devices, mainly targeting SMEs operating in Aichi and Gifu prefectures. Launched in December 2018, ExceLive® IoT was certified the following year on August 19 as a "Toyota Manufacturing Brand" of Toyota City in Aichi, and certified that October as the “3rd Smart Manufacturing Support Tool” by the RRI (Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative). The ExceLive SP "eAndon®" Pack, which makes the main software part of the product independent, is certified as an eligible tool for the "IT Implementation Subsidy 2019." In October of the same year, a new "Free Diagnosis and Results-Based Tuning for Slow Excel Macros” business started.

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