Realization of an ultralight mobile chair weighing approximately 12 kg, that can be carried with one hand. “Electric Passage”, a motorized portable chair of the smallest class in the worldDream Trust Co.,Ltd


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Assembled size: Length 84 cm x height 83 to 87 cm x width 43 cm

Points to be noted

  • Developed after the Great East Japan Earthquake to meet user requirements, and continued improvements
  • It contributes to the improvement of the Quality of Life of active seniors

With the increasing importance of regional medical care, Dream Trust Co., Ltd is expanding its home healthcare business focusing on medical institutions, nursing homes, and medical equipment sales business such as AED. The company contributes to society as a supporter of regional medical care by creating spiritually enriched living, providing safety and reliability, encouraged by the words “Thank you” from customers. The company has understood that “Interacting with customers” gives many inputs for new developments of the business. This is because they consider that the fusion of “Interacting with customers” and “New technology”, will lead to the creation of new value as a company.
The motorized portable chair “Electric Passage” was developed by the company based on such interactions with the customer.

The writer spoke to Eizirou Shouzi, Corporate Planning Department to find out how the development of the mobile chair started.
“During the Great East Japan Earthquake, Mr. Iwabuchi, the Managing Director of the company transported elderly people to evacuation centers and also supplied oxygen to patients at their homes. At that time, people said, ‘A portable chair for transportation would have been convenient’, Mr. Iwabuchi also felt the same and started the development. They focused on the commercialization of a light weight, compact, and foldable product”.

This led to the development of the portable chair for mobility “Passage”, which is the predecessor of the “Electric Passage”.
The light weight and compact mobile chair can be assembled with easy operations. The product took shape to meet the needs of a new market called “Active seniors”.

Portable chair for mobility “Passage”, which is the predecessor of “Electric Passage”. When folded: Thickness 31 cm x Height 62 cm x Width 43 cm

“Passage” was developed and commercialized following the Great East Japan Earthquake, 7 years later, “Electric Passage” was developed incorporating the new requirements of users.

Features of “Electric Passage”, a motorized portable chair of the smallest class in the world are given below.
●The ultralight and motorized portable chair weighs only 12 kg including motor and battery
●The chair can be moved freely in all 4 directions using a controller and is equipped with a 5-speed controller
●The compact 43 cm width chair can move and make U turns in narrow corridors that are not wheelchair friendly
●It can be carried with one hand and loaded into a vehicle without much effort
●It can be operated easily with one hand on flat surfaces indoors
(* Support from care givers is necessary when the chair is used outdoors or on slopes)
●Reduces stress as users can move around short distances without help, such as inside the house

With an overall width of 43 cm, the chair has good maneuverability, and U-turns are possible even in narrow corridors

In addition to retaining the unique features such as light weight and compactness of “Passage”, the burden of user and caregivers have also been reduced significantly.
The company is studying the features required to support the chair on slopes to meet the increasing needs of users. If this feature can be achieved, the scope for using the chair outdoors without the help of caregivers will increase significantly. If this feature is incorporated, then “Active Seniors” can use “Electric Passage” to visit many areas on trips and excursions without any stress.

Though the company is considering the introduction of “Electric Passage” across the world, their concern is how to increase the sales network. The company is engaged in only direct sales, and effectiveness of advertisements and publicity are limited. They are looking for dealers who can proactively promote sales by increasing awareness of “Passage” and “Electric Passage”.
By popularizing “Electric Passage”, the number of active senior users will increase, and a broader generation of people can lead a lively and free lifestyle. The activities of the company are expected to realize such a society.

Interview Date: November 14, 2018


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With the increase in importance for regional medical care, we are developing home healthcare business focusing on medical institutions, nursing homes etc., and medical equipment sales business such as AED. We will contribute to society as a carrier of regional medical care by creating a rich living and providing security and reliability to the words of gratitude "Thank you" from everyone.

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