Water hydraulic cylinder” that uses tap water as the driving medium. Development of the industry’s first “Bathing support system and platform liftADS MURAKAMI Co.,Ltd


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Industry’s first “Bathing support system and platform lift” utilizing water hydraulic cylinder

Points to remember

  • Reduce environmental impact by using water hydraulic drive energy
  • Develop barrier-free products with a focus on the future aging society

ADS Murakami Co., Ltd., a company that uses its proprietary new hydraulic technology “Aqua Drive System” to develop systems based on themes which include security, safety, comfort, and oil-free, taking the global environment into account. The company's core business is the development and manufacture of the next-generation drive equipment that reduces environmental impact to zero by utilizing water hydraulic energy.

The company name includes “Aqua Drive System” (hereinafter referred to as “ADS”), which is the application of hydraulic technology using tap water as a driving medium that is different from the conventional water hydraulic technology. ADS technology is not a substitute for the previous individual drive sources such as hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric. The objective is to improve the advantages of the overall system considering cost and provide “System solutions” such as “Oil-free” to minimize environmental risks.

Features of the company's new technology “Aqua Drive System”

The company developed a water hydraulic cylinder that uses tap water as a driving medium with the ADS technology. The water hydraulic cylinder compensates for the weaknesses such as oil leaks of the oil hydraulic cylinder and insufficient power of the pneumatic cylinder and makes it possible to be used in fields where it is difficult to cope with existing methods used for driving.
For example, the water hydraulic cylinder was utilized to develop a waterproof board for protection from disaster, food and transportation equipment. The advantage of the waterproof board is that it can be opened and closed using the pressure of water from water taps without a power supply compared to the oil hydraulic and electric methods. It is possible to clean the complete equipment for industries with strict hygiene standards such as the food industry, and hygiene management can be maintained. Since tap water is the driving medium, it is possible to manufacture table lifters that do not cause any environmental pollution.

Among the products utilizing water hydraulic cylinders, the company is currently focusing on the industry’s first “Bathing support system and platform lift”.
Conventional platform lifts require an external power supply of approximately 100 V. The primary installation method was the fixed method, and it had another problem of rust when installing outdoors. However, the platform lift developed by the company utilizes an unprecedented water hydraulic cylinder. The lift is battery-powered and does not require an external power supply. Both movable and fixed type casters are used, and the lift can be installed at any location both indoors and outdoors as it all-weather compatible. The main body can also be installed and used inside water. In addition to its use as a platform lift, it can also be used as a bath lift as it can be moved to different places.

The product can be used in various locations ranging from nursing care facilities and hospitals to ordinary homes.
For example, the proportion of home-based services by nursing care providers is growing, and the product can also sufficiently meet such needs of the society. Also, it can also be used extensively in public and sports facilities such as gymnasiums. In many such facilities, although there are slopes outside, there are no slopes inside, and an increase in demand can be expected. It is forecast to be used by a large section of society in the future such as for people with illnesses, people who are physically handicapped and with disabilities, and the elderly.

Yasuhiro Murakami, representative director of the company, spoke about the history of development.
“The impetus for development was when the chairman of a certain hot spring facility asked, ‘Is it possible to use a device like a platform lift in a large public bath?’ For example, if it can be installed in open-air baths when the elderly and disabled people bathe, they will be able to take a bath with peace of mind. However, the chairman also requested that it should be possible to remove the lift.”

As the name “Bathing support system and platform lift” suggests, the equipment can be used for bathing as well as various other purposes. The company is engaged in making various improvements, such as installing a circuit breaker to ensure safety while raising and lowering. They will continue to pursue safety and comfort for users in the future. They have also started business partnerships with companies based in Japan and Taiwan to increase production capacity. They are aiming to expand sales channels to East Asia markets.
The company is expected to develop various technologies and products based on water, the universal resource, with focus on consideration towards the environment and future aging society.

Interview Date: February 27, 2019


company information

We are one of the few specialists in Japan that can manufacture hydraulic cylinders based on ADS (Aqua Drive System) technologies. This new hydraulic technology uses tap water to power the machinery, which can be applied to areas that were not achievable with conventional drive systems (oil hydraulic, air pressure, electric). We will work to develop new market opportunities.

company information

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