"Ultra small compact simple toilet set"for Emergency measures born from Experience of Disaster.M&T Co.,Ltd


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Learnning Points

  • The source of the idea exists at the local.
  • Be aware of the consciousness toward everyday crisis.
  • Strict observance of "safety and security" of company basis.

"Safety toilet NANO" developed and sold by the company is an ultra compact simple toilet set for disasters and emergencies. By making one-use packed in one pack each, it is able to use cleanly and conveniently without subdividing them. At the time of water outage due to disaster such as earthquake, it was devised to solve such as traffic problems such as traffic congestion during driving, emergency at outdoor, excretion problem at nursing care site.

We made sets of defecation bags, macromolecular antibacterial polymer coagulants, stopper bands, take-away plastic bags set, and pursued compactification to put in pockets and bags even when it was difficult to return home in the event of a disaster. It is half size (35 grams) of pocket tissue, it features sanitary use without subdividing. It can be stored for 10 years.

The trigger for development is that the toilet was in short supply when the Great Hanshin Earthquake occurred in 1995, and the representative director, Takashi Yamaguchi, was shocked at the sight to replace the side gutters of the road with a toilet. In the research and development process, in addition to how to motivate purchasing excretion goods in emergency, we faced the task of securing a balance between drug blending effect and safety in case of accidental ingestion. For the former, we tried to dispel the sense of resistance by proceeding with improvement in size. We also conducted experiments and public institution tests on antimicrobial coagulants such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, and led the product to completion. Currently, we are told that there are inquiries as a stockpile for companies besides purchasing individuals in the metropolitan area through mail-order sales over internet etc.

About three years ago, we founded a company with its name from the meaning of "more fun". Today, in cooperation with small businesses and craftsmen from local Osaka, we share ideas and wisdom other than disaster-related matters, and embody ideas including daily miscellaneous goods and daily necessities. In addition to this, there is no doubt as to the improvement of this product itself; such as, the development of a plastic bag that has the smell of the bag itself and has the deodorizing function of life odor.

  • Our company is characterized by product-creation overflowing with ideas, and our many products have the characteristic of disaster-related matters; such as, "Safety Toilet Nano" stated above.Therefore, it will be more possible for us to develop the technologies for daily-living-based product.
  • In collaboration with a company with core technology, we feel further possibility of product development with full of ideas.

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Making everyday life a little more convenient! We incorporate a wealth of ideas into everything from our daily commodities to disaster prevention goods! Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, the demand for portable toilets and superabsorbent polymer available even where water doesn't run increased. In that context we established this company with the goal of developing products that meet detailed consumer demands which are difficult to fulfill through mass production. Aside from developing and selling disaster prevention products, we incorporate a wealth of ideas into useful, everyday commodities. Along with earnestly pursuing manufacturing with our passionate friends, we accommodate your needs to everyone's satisfaction.

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