Promotes turning over in bed with a three-layer structure based on the seesaw theory. "Dr.move", a mattress promoting high-quality sleepACT INTERIOR Co.,Ltd


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An ideal mattress for those with "Reduced muscle strength", who is "Unable to turn over in bed", who want to "Prevent bedsores", and "Value sleep"

Points to be noted

  • The product was developed by collaborative research with medical doctors through industry-university cooperation
  • Research, development, production, sales and logistics are consistently managed inhouse
  • Contributes to extending healthy lifespan by "Improving sleep"

Act interior Co., Ltd has been developing products mainly to improve living environments for more than 30 years and has released many products to the market up to now. The company was mainly handling kotatsu (table with heater) and interior products at the time of establishment, and now their main line of work is developing new products based on "Improvement of sleep" that can contribute to society. The company's forte is the ability to conduct business operations with consistent inhouse management of research, development, production, sales, and logistics.

Like "Sleep debt" that was selected as the buzzword in 2017, "Quality of sleep" has become a hot topic in the world today. The company's focus has been "Improvement of sleep" from an early stage and was specifically reflected in products manufactured in around 2008. Though low-resilience mattresses were in vogue at that time, there were cases of back pain and inability to feel rested even after using low-resilience mattresses.

According to Dr. Hiroshi Udo of the Udoergo research center which is well established in conducting research based on ergonomics, though low-resilience mattresses are comfortable when falling asleep as they have a soft wrapping effect on the body, wrapping the body has the same effect of as immobilizing the body. In other words, the same posture is maintained without turning, causes straining of muscles and poor blood circulation, and there is a risk of hindering recovery from fatigue during sleep.

"Dr. move" was developed by joint research with Dr. Hiroshi to solve these problems. Natural latex material having "High resilience" instead of "Low resilience" has been used in this mattress with a three-layer structure based on the seesaw theory, which is designed to allow turning with less force. When the person sleeping tries to turn over, a special hard board at the middle of the three-layer structure tilts in the turning direction supporting the muscular strength necessary for turning, eliminating the need for using excessive force while sleeping. "Dr. move" was developed based on studies conducted on muscle fatigue caused by sitting and working (driving, office work) for long hours, the mattress improves the quality of sleep and is also very effective to recover from fatigue.

Supports natural turning over in bed based on the theory of seesaw. Pleasant sleep is determined by turning over

Though the company took about two to three years from development to commercialization, they received a positive response from many users about the effect of the product right from the beginning of its launch. Though the main target was the elderly with problems such as "Reduced muscle strength", who is "Unable to turn over in bed", who want to "Prevent bedsores", and "Value sleep", the user base has expanded to even athletes as it is being used by the No. 1 wheelchair marathon athlete Wakako Tsuchida. In addition, even the elderly with kyphosis and those with hemiplegia due to cerebral hemorrhage who had difficulty in turning over in the previous mattress are expressing their happiness in being able to turn over easily on this new mattress.

Though the company focus is to manufacture better products every day, since the users are mainly the elderly, weight reduction of the product is one of the challenges for the future. Since all activities from research to production is managed inhouse, one of the company's strengths is to quickly improve products.

The company helps to extend the healthy lifespan of people with "Improvement of sleep" as the basis for development and improve living by enhancing the quality of sleep, thus contributing widely to society. Since an increasing interest in sleep can be seen, new products for promoting "Improvement of sleep" are expected to be manufactured in the future as well.

Interview Date: July 31, 2018


company information

ACT INTERIOR Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting Dr. move, a mattress that promotes turning over while sleeping in bed, developed jointly with Hiroshi Udo, Ph.D. , a researcher at Udoergo Co., Ltd and the developer of the writing equipment, Dr. Grip (registered trademark of Pilot). We offer a high-quality sleep solution that was conceived based on research of muscle fatigue caused by sitting work over a long period of time (e.g. driving, desk work, etc.).

company information

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