“NonBuren” Series Demonstrates its Effectiveness in Vibration Isolation, Sound Insulation, and Earthquake Resistant Fixing. The product's effect has been verified with the 700 series bullet train that has been operating for 20 years even withstanding earthquakes of seismic intensity 5 upper.HIRAKATA-GIKEN Co.,Ltd


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Various shapes of “NonBuren” series vibration isolators

Points to be noted

  • Product development utilizing new materials and independent design technology
  • Ability to provide maximum effect by customization according to customer requirements
  • Guaranteed with reliable experimental data, and high quality has been verified during disasters

Hirakata Giken, Inc. established in 1972 has an excellent track record in machine design. When the bubble collapse started in around 1990, the company was in search of another business vertical in addition to machine design, during which they met a venture company who had developed urethane with high vibration isolation effect. There was also a demand to “Stop vibrations” generated from precision machinery and compressors, and air-conditioning equipment used in clean rooms, and the company started to develop vibration isolation materials using the urethane mentioned above.

Vibration isolation material “NonBuren”, a type of urethane with vibration isolation and shock absorption effect that is 2 to 4 times of previous vibration isolation rubber. It is also resistant to environmental elements such as oil, heat, chemicals, and impacts such as twisting, bending, and tearing.

The important points for a vibration isolator are not only hardness and size of urethane, which is the vibration isolating material, but also the type of metal fitting used for installation, number and arrangement of units.
The company utilizing its high technical capabilities in machine design works on the shape and arrangement of the installation metal fittings, based on the machines requiring reduction of vibration and the machine surroundings. The first version of the vibration isolator commercialized in 1993 was “Round shaped NonBuren” that replaced bolts used to fix machines isolating vibrations from machines so that it is not transmitted to the floor. Even now, this is commonly used for large and small machines.

Round-shaped NonBuren. Green colored vibration isolation material NonBuren used between the metal fitting

Installation cannot be completed by installing vibration isolators based on just calculations. Many tests are conducted on the machines where the vibration isolators are required to be while working with the customers to obtain the maximum effect. The company's strength, in addition to selling standard items is manufacturing customized products as required by customers. For this reason, customized products accounts for 70% of the company's vibration isolator sales.

NonBuren obtained high ratings after it was adopted for semiconductor manufacturing equipment in 1996. Following this, it was used as sound proofing and vibration isolation material for the floor of the 700 series bullet train which started commercial operations from 1999, and in addition to the effectiveness of NonBuren, the company and its technical capabilities gained significant credibility.

When the product was adopted in the bullet train, the company conducted experiments for the product at a high temperature of 70 degrees and submitted data proving that it can withstand long-term use. The product completed 20 years of business in 2018. The 700 series is still operating even now without any problem on the Sanyo bullet train, proving that the product has a long life. The product has been also adopted by JR for the “New Twilight Express Mizukaze” train.

Though NonBuren was initially aimed at vibration isolation and sound proofing, later various applications were developed, and it is being increasingly used for earthquake resistant fixing. During earthquakes, if heavy machines move, it can harm people and block or damage evacuation routes. Though anchor bolts are used for general earthquake resistant fixing of machines, these bolts cannot be used at factories where machine layout is frequently changed.

For such applications, the company developed “NonBuren sheet” and “Tackgel” with enhanced adhesion. In a pharmaceutical factory where Tackgel was installed, the product was able to withstand vibrations of seismic intensity 5 upper during the East Japan Great Earthquake of 2011, and not even a single machine had moved.
Later, Tackgel was also used by tombstone manufacturers. During the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, tombstones manufactured by other companies collapsed and not even a single tombstone where Tackgel was used collapsed. Mr. Maeda, Managing Director in charge of NonBuren said, “We conduct experiments under harsh conditions and deliver the products with confidence. We were happy to hear that the product was able to endure real earthquakes and this gave us greater confidence”.

The company holds 6 patents on vibration isolators at present. They have developed products for other applications such as “NonBuren coat” paint that has high soundproofing effect when applied to screws or outer walls of motors used in ships.
They have also developed block-shaped “Bita Block” for fixing computers used at homes and offices, and “Bitappi” which has the shape of a cute catfish”. In 2019, they are planning to announce a new development type product for expanding the usage.

Bitappi. It sandwiches the object to be fixed and is easy to move as it can be disengaged by twisting.

In future, their goal is to develop vibration isolation materials for slow vibrations at frequencies lower than 20 Hz, which is currently supported. Managing Director, Mr Maeda said, “We would like to evolve NoBuren further and help in creating a quiet society”.

Interview Date: October 31, 2018


company information

We have been doing a machine design business for 45 years since establishment, and yet it takes nearly 50% of our revenue today. In 1993, we have developed an urethane product called "Non Buren"which is excellent at anti-vibration and shock buffer.
In response to nearly 500 customer inquires each year, we have been striving to create products which is hard to get duplicated by other competitors by turning them into the shape of vibration-proof materials, shock absorbing materials, and seismic fixing materials combined with our machine designing know-hows.

company information

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