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High water permeability and peeling resistance are compatible at a high level. Multi-layer porous concrete product "E cleat" which is expected to spread further

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  • Collaborative posture to advance ideas in cooperation with others

In recent years, urban flood damage caused by so-called guerilla heavy rain has been getting worse. The paving of porous concrete is getting noticed as a countermeasure for that. This is a "swollen" shaped concrete with a void inside, with the aim of preventing flooding by allowing water to penetrate directly into the underground pavement. However, the strength was low, and the detachment of the surface due to the passage of cars and people was a bottleneck. For this reason, contradictory countermeasures such as increasing the strength by reducing voids at the actual construction site and sacrificing water permeability, as a result, are often taken.

On the contrary, AMURAX Inc. is proposing a multi-layer type porous concrete pavement. Our concrete commodity brand "E cleat" uses concrete with a high porosity of 25 to 30% as a base layer, realizing excellent water permeability of 1 to 3 cm/s permeability coefficient. Furthermore, by applying asphalt pavement, etc. combined with graying (groove cover) and layer with high designing property with natural stone + resin on its surface layer, high peeling resistance is realized. Also, because it is rich in water receptivity, it can be expected to be useful as a measure against the heat island phenomenon by vaporizing at the rising temperature.

It is a structure that is difficult to clog up "swollen" with a void inside, and the water from a bucket instantly permeates.

We started recruiting volunteers of the same business from around 2010 and started branding of E cleat. We repeatedly tried trial and error about commercialization of porous concrete and put the product that was released at the time in the parking lot of its own from one end. Since it was deformed and discolored after the casting, there were many problems, so after analyzing the ingredients of the material, we started joint research with Mie University, which has the foremost person in this field. In order to accelerate the diffusion of porous concrete pavement, we also obtained permission from the construction industry by ourselves. We have prepared a construction system, steadily accumulated construction know-how and making achievements that can demonstrate the effect of porous concrete pavement.

It is a porous concrete, which is greatly expected to develop a safe and comfortable urban environment, but it is also a cost, which is an obstacle to diffusion. In order to overcome the price barrier and to appeal its appeal directly to the owner, we ourselves are promoting construction achievement. Currently it is mainly private demand such as store parking lots, apartment approach/parking lots, parking lots, shrine temples · drives approaching temples, precincts, etc. In the future, we will aim for full-scale adoption in public works projects. We are also not concerned with the construction by us, we plan to respond flexibly to wholesale sales of products and consulting of construction and prepare for future sales expansion.

  • According to us, the estimated pavement performance of porous concrete in Japan is estimated to be about 400,000 square meters. Many of them are monolayers, and due to the problem mentioned above of construction situation, it is not necessarily saying that the actual value of porous concrete is well transmitted to society. Although the high cost compared to the general pavement, we say, "Local introduction to places like underpasses that frequently flood, is also significant." I would like to expect the future of the urban environment that the company's multi-layer porous concrete forms.

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AMLUX handles equipment such as concrete mixer cars to provide high quality concrete structures to society. In addition, we provide a series of operations from research, manufacture, sale of water permeable concrete to installation and installation of functional installation software related to it, in order to counter heat, ice, torrential rain and flood damage.

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