Enabling the Introduction of Image Inspection by AI Without Sophisticated Programming by ExpertsTrust Technology Co.,Ltd


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Easy-to-operate AI-based image inspection system for anyone

Product Name = Industrial Image Inspection System "AI Inspector"

Anyone Can Build an Image Inspection System Easily

Suppose an AI-based image inspection system can check appearances and for foreign objects in factory production lines, etc. In that case, the efficiency and accuracy of such inspections should be far better than visual inspections by human inspectors. However, conventional systems often require sophisticated programming and operational follow-up by experts, which means that the cost is high. Therefore, it has been difficult for SMEs to introduce such systems.

"AI Inspector," developed by Trust Technology, is an industrial image inspection system that can be used without experts or programming. The proprietary application and a PC with a GPU (*) board for image processing comes as a set, and when one unit is purchased, it can be immediately connected to a production line or other processes.Anyone can easily build this image inspection system , with just a few mouse operation steps on the screen.

AI Inspector can inspect 60 images per second, eliminating human error and variation in the accuracy of judgment, which have been problems inherent to visual inspections. The user can check the progress of image processing in real-time with a unique icon format view. Conventional image processing without AI (deep learning) may also be performed with this system. As the company also offers peripheral devices such as cameras, lights, network hard disks, signal towers (rotary beacon lights), and I/O boards (digital input/output boards), AI Inspector is equipped with a variety of input/output interfaces.
*Abbreviation for Graphics Processing Unit. A processor specialized for real-time image processing.

Dimension Measuring in Addition to Appearance and Foreign Object Inspections

AI Inspector boasts wide applicability.AI Inspector can check for chips and cracks in metal parts, scratches in glass and transparent resin parts, shapes and foreign objects in food, scratches and cracks in semiconductor wafers, stains and unevenness in wood grains, and for foreign objects and the sorting of multiple types of machined parts. In addition to these inspections, it can measure the shapes and dimensions of products. AI Inspector has already been in operation at many locations for purposes such as appearance and foreign object inspection and assembly inspection in factories, acceptance/shipping inspections, and picking inspections in warehouses, etc. The company is receiving favorable reviews from users, for example: "We were amazed at how easily the AI could be operated by ourselves." "We finally succeeded in automation, which had been unsuccessful despite our many attempts."

For a company that is considering introducing AI Inspector, Trust Technology will interview the company about the workpieces to be inspected, check the photos and actual workpieces, and then decide whether the intended inspection is feasible or not. If it is determined to be feasible, Trust Technology will then make a proposal that includes peripheral devices, optional services for supporting the learning of AI, etc. At the time of introduction, Trust Technology will provide lectures on how to use AI Inspector.

Developed to be a System that SMEs Can Introduce

Though there are many companies that need an image inspection system, there are many challenges for SMEs to introduce one, including that the system is costly. Trust Technology started the development of this product with the idea of somehow supporting such SMEs. At the same time, understanding that customers want to complete all the processes of their production lines, including the image inspection process, in-house without the help of outside experts, Trust Technology has aimed to develop a packaged image inspection system that anyone can operate easily.

Some companies have been struggling with the accuracy and productivity of visual inspections in their production lines, but have been reluctant to introduce an image inspection system due to cost and other problems associated with the introduction. Trust Technology’s AI Inspector has the potential to be a catalyst for such companies to make a great leap forward.

Coverage date October 30, 2020

Company Overview

Trust Technology Co.,Ltd

The company was established in 2001. Having strength in the research and development of embedded systems, image processing/voice recognition systems, intelligent processing systems, and robots, the company offers contract development services for corporate customers. With respect to deep learning, in particular, it is the first company that started offering a deep learning system for industrial use in Japan. As for image processing systems, it provides technology for factories, laboratories, and products for the general public.

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