Demolish small buildings in densely built areas with "Spider Robot"FUKUBULL Co.,Ltd


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A winch is attached to a small backhoe, and it lifts under its own power in demolished buildings.

Product name = "Spider Robot"

Works for buildings that previously had to be demolished manually

Fukubull's “Spider Robot” is a next-generation heavy-duty machine dedicated to demolition that enables the demolition of small buildings in densely built areas which had previously been difficult to demolish except manually.

Conventionally, demolishing buildings built on an entire site involved first lifting heavy demolition equipment onto the roof, demolishing sequentially from the upper floors, creating a foothold with demolition waste and lowering the heavy equipment down one floor at a time, until the ground floor was demolished. This is called “Upper-Floor Demolition Work." However, in this case it is difficult to demolish in a densely built area where large cranes cannot enter.

On the other hand, the "Spider Robot" with a winch attached to a 0.1 m3 class small backhoe does not need lifting with a crane. Even for a building in a tight space, the machine can ascend from within to the top of the building on its own like a spider.

Since it is operated by remote control, the operator can work in a safe place not only when lifting to upper floors but also when demolishing upper floors where there is a strong possibility of a fall. In addition, shortening the arm makes it possible to secure an attachment that is one size larger than usual, so that its small body that makes tight turns can do large jobs.

Developed using the unique insights of a demolition company

Having demolished buildings and houses for more than half a century, Fukubull has developed the Spider Robot in cooperation with construction machinery manufacturers and construction consultants for its own needs. The unique insights of a demolition company shine through the product. One example is to keep the total height of heavy machinery at 2.4 m or below, which is within the building's floor height.

When demolishing a building using Spider Robot, first use a jackhammer to make a hole for carrying out waste materials large enough to allow heavy machinery to pass through each floor. Then hoist the heavy machinery to the upper floors through the hole. Next, demolish from the upper floors, creating a slope with demolition waste to reach the lower floors, and complete the demolition all the way to the ground floor. Almost all work is done inside the building, so it is less prone to cause noise and dust compared to outdoor work. Also, there is no need to block the road when moving things with a crane.

Demolition work can be shortened and costs reduced

There are many buildings where it is difficult to use the conventional "Upper-Floor Demolition Work" where heavy equipment is suspended with a crane, such as buildings in narrow areas and areas with wires across the sky, and buildings in commercial districts with an arcade roof. The great advantage of the Spider Robot is that it allows you to perform reasonable and speedy demolition work using heavy machinery even for these buildings. Compared with Fukubull's conventional method, costs can be reduced by up to 37% and the work period by up to 20%.

Currently, Fukubull provides demolition services in the form of complete in-house execution using Spider Robot, but it is considering starting a service that lends an operator and Spider Robot as a set. Furthermore, in order to further refine the method using Spider Robot, joint research with Tokushima University is currently underway.

It is worth considering for companies in the demolition industry, construction industry, and house manufacturing, and other companies that are unable to complete the renovation of their own buildings and factories due to restrictions such as the size of the site.

Coverage date July 5, 2019


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The company was established in 1968. Under the motto “creative destruction,” we are developing services focused on house demolition work and building demolition work. Positioning the demolition industry as a service industry and aiming to be a company that satisfies clients. Fukubull also undertakes home renovation work, landscaping to shape the exterior space of buildings, and industrial waste work, and is actively involved in the development of embankments and the development of new construction methods.

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