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Green&Community Delica Score (vegetable quality rating index)

A system for realizing good health from the farm.

strong point of product
By assigning a score the the vegetables, both the producer and consumer have equivalent measuring sticks which to judge by, and the consumer can purchase vegetables that suit their needs. In addition, the producer can take action to self-evaluate and continuously improve their cultivation methods, and work toward supporting our health from their farms.
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In order to deliver safe food to your table, we analyze any damage done during all the processes involved from cultivation to shipment, with the aim to managing it. We then analyze the cultivated vegetables, assess and evaluate them, so they can be marketed as agricultural goods with scientific evidence to back them up.

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    Contract service for active oxygen elimination ability (antioxidant) analysis and ingredient analysis of food.

    A pioneer in active oxygen elimination ability analysis, we offer the ...

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