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Health&Welfare Haru Cosme Beauty Tape

Lift sagging skin and reduce wrinkles to look more youthful.

strong point of product
These tapes can lift sagging cheeks and reduce deep wrinkles including wrinkles around the eyes. They have great makeup adhesion thanks to the deep unevenness on the surface of the film, and they can also firmly lift the skin. Please select from either the 10 mm width or 15 mm width product type depending on the application area. Our product is patent pending and is the first of its kind in the world.
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Haru Cosme Beauty Tape is a new makeup method used on top of sagging cheeks and deep wrinkles to lift the skin and make it look slimmer and more youthful. The tape can be covered up with makeup. It contains ingredients that are good for the skin, including vitamin C and collagen. We have two types of tape: one with 10 mm width and another with 15 mm width. We also have tapes designed for people who want even stronger corrective features.

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    With silver(Ag) power all day, neither sweat nor odor do not bother me

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