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Health&Welfare Tape that allows makeup, “Haru Cosme”.

The world’s first cosmetic wound tape capable of hiding wounds, by protecting wounds underneath the tape while covering the tape with makeup

strong point of product
Tapes in the past only had shallow depth of unevenness, between 0.1 and 0.5μm, on the surface, resulting in poor adhesion of makeup. “Haru Cosme” is a soft film that helps retain makeup particles with deeper surface unevenness, between 10 and 13μm. It is gentle on the skin because it uses a gel-form adhesive. It can be applied to wounds, and it will keep the skin moist underneath the tape, helping the wound heal cleanly.
purpose of use,
business category,
By sticking it on top of spots, acne and wounds and wearing makeup on top of it, you can make the areas that concern you less noticeable. The makeup does not come off even when touching with your hands because it is contained within the uneven surface of the film. It serves as a medical dressing when applied to a wound. You can make wounds almost completely unnoticeable by applying the dressing to your wound and wearing makeup over it. The wound underneath the dressing will remain moist and will cleanly heal the wound.

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