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The thickness is 3 cm and is at 1/5 of the general pallet, and its weight is as light as 1 kg ~ 5 kgs.

strong point of product
Since the thickness is 3 cm which is 1/5 of that of general pallet, the loading efficiency is unlikely to decrease in product transportation, and transportation efficiency is 5 to 10 times in transportation by pallet alone so that it is possible to reduce physical distribution expenses. It is a very suitable commodity for the current logistics time that efficiency is required by various factors such as shortage of drivers and soaring transportation costs.
delivery record
It has just started selling in August this year and do not have a actual record of selling, yet. Since exhibiting at the Logistics Solution Fair at the end of August, we received inquiries from many customers, and we currently conduct demonstrations, tests, etc. for 10 companies.
purpose of use,
business category,
We are considering that it will be useful for improving the efficiency of logistics regardless domestic and overseas transport, we would like to introduce machine handling without lowering the loading ratio, want to keep the running cost low, which was a barrier to introducing a part of palletization, want to curtail the material cost of one way pallet. We assume that the customers who want to suppress those expenses will use as a new transport pallet.