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Industry&Technology Precision stainless tube Manufacturing,Plastic optical fiber Processing / assembly

Contributing to society as a proposal type company using processing assembly technology of precision stainless pipe and plastic optical fiber

Stainless steel pipe with an outer diameter of φ 0.05 mm, which is the worlds smallest size can be manufactured because of our unique technology and know-how that has been cultivated over many years. Based on our manufacturing know-how, we are using it with confidence with customers in many fields with stable quality that cannot be imitated by other companies. In-house production consistent from pipe making to wire drawing / cutting / secondary processing is possible. In addition, processing related to plastic optical fiber can be processed and assembled using our precision processing technology. We will make suggestions according to customer's request.

strong point of product
Since our establishment, our company has consistently been engaged in the manufacture and sale of precision stainless steel pipes. As for stainless pipe, we have know-how, technical ability and quality capability that cannot be imitated by other companies. Regarding plastic optical fiber, we are challenging to develop new technologies that other companies cannot match, but also respond to customers' new product developments and requests. We have received high evaluation through thorough quality control.
delivery record
Medical equipment: Syringes, Catheters, Suturing instruments, Endoscopes, Laser therapy equipment, Ultrasonic therapy equipment, Endoscopic surgical robots, Surgery support robots, Local lighting, etc., Semiconductors, Electronic components, Stationery, Daily necessities, Toys, Mold, Jig, Equipment parts, Photoelectric sensors, and others
purpose of use,
business category,
Our stainless steel pipes are expected to be deployed in various sensors, imaging equipment and security fields where small diameter and light weight are required even for plastic optical fiber, such as various medical instruments in the latest medical field where small diameter and thin walls are required.