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Health&Welfare IoT linking watchig support system using load sensor

IoT connecting watching system which applied ultra thin pressure sensor and it is perfect for eledrly facilities. It can be retrofitted to each rooms.

It will prevent the accidents and wandering of residents in the eledery facilities by informing their getting away from the beds in advance. It detects the departure from the bed by monitoring the user's movement at all time with the system of original twin thin pressure sensor. The signal will be shared with personal computer and smart phone as WiFi signal. The signal can be shared with communication robot or smart watch which is getting popular recently. So it enables care givers to know the situation and go to the rooms immediately. It does not require camera for privacy and it is super convenient watching device just by putting the twin sensors under the mattress of bed. It does not require any construction and the owner of the facility can handle the installation.

strong point of product
■It will keep the privacy because it does not use camera■it is easy to install by putting the twin sensors under the mattress of the bed■It does not require any construction■It can be coordinated with any communication tools by sharing the departure signal through WiFi  ■It can be set according to each user because it monitors the movement of the body all the time■It does not spoil the room environment because the system will be hidden under the bed as thin panel sensor 
delivery record
■It was used to watch and measure the data of the sleep disorder patients ■It is in use now for watching support at the nursing care facility
purpose of use,
business category,
for the purposes of watching and keeping the safety of users at nursing care facility or hospital, measuring the body movement data of users for research