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Industry&Technology SKYWATCHER

After obtaining long-term fixed point flight and acquiring GPS coordinates, we introduce UAV for the fixed point observation duration. (fixed type).

In recent years, the utilization of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) in surveying, ecosystem investigation, inspection, disaster etc. is rapidly developed. However, these UAVs still have problems with in terms of safety, operability, and time of flight. While addressing these issues, we have been promoting collaborative research and technological development of aircraft capable of doing no sudden crash (safety), long flight (fixed type), fixed point observation, artificial intelligence AI analysis. Those who are interestedin, we would like you to stop by our booth.

strong point of product
With supplying the weaknesses of current UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) such as drone in the market, we are conducting analysis with advanced technology in additon to the technology such as long-term fixed point observation flight and the functionality per use-purposes, safety, the best using artificial intelligence AI.
delivery record
Our company doesn not make profit out of manufacturing and sales but do out of consigned revenue business for outsourcing of research developed by us trough utilization for disaster support etc.
purpose of use,
business category,
Survey, ecosystem investigation, inspection, disaster etc.