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Industry&Technology SESAME II-02d, SESAME II-05d, SESAME Camera, precision thermometer/hygrometer for agricultural use

A low-cost, high-performance data logging and transmission system that can be installed even where there is no electricity.

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In the Japanese rice farming industry, due to global warming, there have been greater temperature variations, causing low and high temperature damage to rice, which has reduced rice yields and quality. To combat these conditions, our company has developed an "Agricultural IT Sensor and Field Data Transmission System." This is a precision rice stem, panicle and irrigation water temperature sensor and camera that allows for real-time monitoring using the SESAME system. In addition, we are developing software to avoid damage, and an ADHOC system where nodes gather information from multiple fields, which is then collected at a parent device and transmitted all at once. Use of this system can deter weather and disaster damage to rice fields. This is an extremely effective so-called "IT Farming" tool that can be applied to any kind of agricultural cultivation management, not just for rice farming.
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For the international project (SATREPS), this system is used to measure the underground water levels in the peatlands of Indonesia (Kalimantan) and send the information to Japan so it can be compiled here. The results of this project have been receiving notice thanks to the Indonesian government's establishment of the Peatland Restoration Agency to curb peatland carbon emissions and forest fires. As part of JICA's activities, BPPT (Indonesia's Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology) selected SESAME as the underground water level measuring device in peatlands. At the same time, since flood management has become extremely important due to climatic changes in recent years, SESAME has also been ordered for use in monitoring water levels and rainfall at the Jatiluhur Dam and the surrounding river basin.