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"G-MEN is used for every kind of logistics quality control

"G-MEN" 's body is cigarette size and has installed triaxial accelerating rate sensors and temperature and humidity rate sensor. It can run with two AA batteries and record the data of vibrational impacting and temperature and humidity rate for 1.5 months (fractuated by the sampling cycle) in standing alone (independant). All the recorded data can be easily retrieved to computer through installed USB port and can be displayed in graph. Since the recorded data can be saved in CSV format, it is easy to analyze the data according to the purpose of measuring. The analysis of the data is very easy by using additional standard software "". "G-MEN" is useful for every kind of logistics quality control.

strong point of product
We started to sell "G-MEN" in 2003 as the data recorder of the environment of the logistics. First few years were very suffering because there was hardly no demand in the market. In the wake of the incident of frozen Chinese dumpling in 2007, people start to question about the quality of logistics control, This incident has pushed the sales of this product. "G-MEN" started to spread nationwide with its high functinality and low price without any actual rivals
delivery record
"G-MEN" is mainly used for recording of shipping environment of precisive devices. We have had sales results of 20,000pieces since the start of the sales.
purpose of use,
business category,
The industries which use "G-MEN" includes semiconductor devices, semiconductor material, medical devices, electric power plant equipment, space development devices and it is used for monitoring the vibration, shock, temperature, humidity change during shipping

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