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Industry&Technology Wireless power supplying system

High-efficiency wireless power supplying system that is unaffected by position displacement and that has excellent water-resistant properties

strong point of product
Our wireless power supply system extends the range of acceptable position displacement necessary for power transmission by strengthening the binding of winding wire for power transmission and reception with magnetic material. Our original wireless power supply technology, which is unaffected by 3-axis position displacement, has been patented. It realizes a power transmission efficiency of 96%. We will contribute to solving issues of position displacement in order to realize the automation of charging mobile batteries.
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We will be displaying a wireless power supplying system that transmits power without relying on metal contact or connectors. Visitors will be able to see our standard product that is capable of 50W power transmission, as well as a wireless charging system for electric assisted bicycles as one example or our product’s application. Our wireless technology supports up to 500W power, and it can realize the automation of charging various systems.