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Silicon ear monitors boasting the world's highest all-sound range ? sound insulation performance (34 dB), earplug.

Excessive volume has a great danger leading to loss of hearing.
However, we can protect the hearing in occupations that need to work under noise, secure communication, and reduce to safe volume.
The risk of noise-induced hearing loss is no exception, as is the concert held at a large volume.
Silicone ear molds can keep monitoring the hearing of musicians accurately by the high sound insulation performance, and can improve the quality of the performance.
This sound insulation performance realizes the world's highest 34 dB in the whole range including the bass region which is difficult to insulate.
In particular, it boasts an astonishing sound insulation amount of 45 dB at 8 kHz in the high frequency range.
In addition, flexible silicon material is superior in safety and comfort compared to plastic products which are stiff when worn on ears.
Moreover, its durability is same as the medical silicone, so that it enables the duration of use for a longer time, and softness can continue.

strong point of product
It is the earphone with world's highest sound insulation performance.
It is possible to protect hearing under noise and secure communication.
Product development mainly focuses on aural doctor who is invited to WHO expert meeting, as well, and we are developing various tools for cutting edge ear safety.
In the music industry, its use is expanding, and it is an ear monitor based on soundproofing technology and it is becoming the top manufacturer in the US and Japan - brand.
In addition, we have continued to develop technology to process silicon freely, which was said to be impossible to process, and it has been 15 years since we began releasing products, but there are situations where similar products do not exist in other companies' products.
Since it is thought that the energy of the sound volume given to the hearing is reduced by about 50% by lowering it by 3 dB, it is possible to lower the sound volume naturally as much as possible by using the product, so that it is important to keep oneself away from the risk of the damage.
Hearing loss is not limited to the loss of the health of the person oneself, but the suspension of work during that period can occur, while the burden of medical expenses and insurance fee can be reduced.
delivery record
Approximately 60 to 70% of Grammy winners in the US use as ear monitors for artists' observations at the concert venue.
About half of the top Japanese artists are using it.
Also used by drivers at indie car race and astronauts of NASA for use under large explosion sounds.
Also, with earplugs (earplugs) where the music nature (sound quality) does not change, many classical musicians are wearing.
purpose of use,
business category,
We believe that we can contribute to hearing protection, work and safety of people who need communication and communication in areas where noises such as factories, mines and oil drilling bases occur. Headphone type headgear is common in soundproofing, For the movement on the work, the ear mold shape with high stability that closes only the ears is far superior, and the use of soundproofing and communication is possible.
We believe that there is a possibility of product development of new functions to embed precision parts inside with unique silicon forming technology.