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Green&Community ECRETE

ECRETE is a concrete paving material excellent in water permeability (drainage), water retention, sound absorption, silencing and design.

■ Overwhelming water permeability that is ideal for countermeasures against sudden downpours and heavy rain floods → Time conversion of 18,000 mm, which is most suitable for, measures against sudden downpour and heavy rain floods. We can design it not to drain the rain down to the road surface. ■ Arbitrarily determined water storage capacity → It is possible to make a gap of about 30% of the volume to be constructed. It can also contribute to reducing the water coefficient. The water retention capacity prevents the concentration of rainwater rapidly even during heavy rain and it is possible to prevent flooding in the downstream areas. ■ Water retention → Have high water retention (thermal relaxation) to prevent urban heat island phenomenon. ■ Sound Absorption (Muffling) → Reduce running noise of automobiles, bicycles, and walking noises of people. ■ Designability → It is possible to customize with various materials (natural stone, earth system, gravel, natural turf / artificial turf).

strong point of product
We think that the above characteristics and performance will be beneficial to all users. Because there is little competition, there is no other company. In terms of price, we think that as awareness spreads and sells in the future, it will become cheaper.
delivery record
● Shrine ● Municipal garden (Kawagoe station front) ● Elementary school passage ● Private home parking lot ● Hospital parking lot etc.
purpose of use,
business category,
● Places that you do not want grass to grow (Airports, Places where expenses are put on weeding in commercial facilities, Stations, etc.) ● Places where you want to lower the temperature (Around a facility with glasses, parking lots, roads, etc.) ● In rainy season, areas that have disasters