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Industry&Technology Eco-Booth Bio Liquid

Eliminate paint booth problems with Bio-liquid, formulated from only naturally derived substances.

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Even if microorganisms can survive in the water circulated during everyday operations that's filled with thinner and paint, it's not likely that they'll be able to proliferate or activate. Bio-liquid doesn't rely on concentration, but rather the generated enzymes, which cause the microorganisms to be activated, proliferate and metabolize. To these enzymes have been added dozens of minerals. Thanks to this, the enzymes diversify, greatly increasing their catalytic ability. Since these enzymes have not just an oxidative effect, but also other effects such as reduction and deaminization, the booth water is no longer excessively acidic, but rather tries to achieve a pH value of 7. This won't cause metal to rust, but if you want a higher pH value, there is no problem with adjusting it with other chemicals. The ideal water temperature is between 30 and 40 degrees, but it's not absolutely necessary. However, periodic replenishment of the Bio Liquid is necessary, and does get used up. Eco-Booth Bio Liquid is trademarked.
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Eco-Booth Bio Liquid is specially formulated for paint booths, made only from naturally derived substances such as microbial enzymes, plant enzymes, minerals and cauterization agents. Effects: Reduction of offensive odors. Reduction of sticking to screen surface. Elimination of dirt and clogging of motors and drain pipes. Simplification of sludge recovery. Reduction of cleaning time. Booth water can be continuously reused without being disposed. Amount of sludge is dramatically reduced (depending on booth shape). No longer necessary to use flocculation agents. Basically, booth cleaning becomes easier, the amount of sludge recovery is reduced, lowering disposal costs, and improving work-site environment.

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